In the early 2010s, experts have claimed that the tablets will kill or at least seriously move laptops, as once the second supplanted personal computers. For example, in the last quarter of 2013, tablet sales grew a record for 75.3%. While such a gadget for many was a welcome gift for the New year. But in the next couple of years it became clear that the analysts were wrong — tablets are sold worse and worse. In the second quarter of 2019, the market dipped by 5%, according to IDC. The leaders among manufacturers since the beginning of the era of tablets is not changing — it’s Apple and Samsung. Every year they present new products with improved features and design. 23 Aug opens pre-order for Samsung Galaxy Tab S6. During the week I did with this tablet is everything, I think, usually make users to understand whether you need such a device today.

As updated “tablet”? And whether strongly change the tablets?

If you look at what is happening with smartphones manufacturers that produce and tablets, we can see a trend in the last couple of years, there is no revolution. The screens are getting bigger, brighter, more powerful batteries, to take pictures to help the neural network, but the fundamental user experience doesn’t change. Smartphones are already good enough, and not only SuperCool. That tablets about the same. They add power, brightness, cool “things”, but again — it’s not a breakthrough.

Galaxy Tab S6 more correct to compare not to the closest predecessor — Galaxy Tab Ѕ5е spring, and last year’s Galaxy Tab S4. “Six” and “four” are positioned as the tablet for work — such a device you can, plan to take a business trip instead of the laptop. A “five” is rather a gadget for entertainment, it is inferior in power, functionality, well cheaper than the flagships.

In S6 the Galaxy Tab stylus is included, and to past innovations need to buy it separately. He became smarter, now it can be used to flip through the slides without touching the screen. I promise that the pen works 10 hours if you charge it with the tablet just 10 minutes. Although you probably have the old habit of just putting gadgets charging overnight. Even in the new tablet handwritten notes (anything you write with the stylus) can be converted into digital text and to export, for example, in Word.

The new tab dual camera (13+5 MP) with a wide angle lens and a neural module for better pictures. To do a selfie on the screen — bad idea for my taste, but this naranca that we have seen on Samsung smartphones, really entertaining. The program may advise you to move left and right for a better perspective. The size of the tablet has not changed — 10.5 inch, such as Samsung and Apple in recent years, is releasing it’s flagship tablet. Even in the “six” in the screen, embedded fingerprint scanner.

Many of the new more expensive laptops and most tablets. Price Wi-Fi version of the tab — 52 990 rubles, LTE — 59 990 rubles. Well, think about whether to spend on this tablet (or any other).

We will try to work…

My tablet I had. Six years ago I took a cheap table from a friend, to understand how it is convenient on the trip. I was shooting photos for social networks (came out bad, cheap tablets off worse than a cheap smartphone) and sketched notes. In a few weeks, gave it back to determine that for all this, I’m on the phone.

But I know somebody who needs a tablet for work — correspondents-news. Previously, my colleague worked in the newsroom almost every day, went to press conferences and always took tab. “Holding in one hand a tape recorder and tablet, at the same time take review, quick print, and send to the editor,” she says. And says to a smartphone as possible, but with a tablet to give “lightning” is more convenient. Dangle with a laptop on the events — failure idea: it’s heavy, this multi-tasking it will not do, though, because it will not take pictures.

And yet somehow in social networks, I saw how people were outraged by the disrespectful behavior of the journalist, who “spoke with eminent scientists and at the same time was fiddling with his phone”. Of course, I understand that he was not fiddling with his phone, and “transferred”, but people outside the shop got the impression of him, and would not be very good if the expert who rarely communicates with the media, will think so.

I don’t need to go to the briefings and don’t need anything lightning fast transfer. But I have to search a lot of information on the Internet. Now, while I write this text, I have opened 15 tabs in the browser. In parallel, I correspond to two messengers with experts and colleagues. All this I prefer to do at the computer with two large screens. Well, at least for a laptop with 15 inch screen, so I go to work in the coffee shop. How convenient to write longreads on your tablet?

The keyboard cover Galaxy Tab S6 it looks good, he has a comfortable handle, the keyboard is soft and comfortable. Except that there are no Russian layout, but I find that typing blindly. I spent half an hour typing and using the stylus go to the browser to look for data. Everything turns out pretty quickly, but the laptop goes faster. In General, if I don’t go to the news reporters, I don’t need a tablet for work.

…to watch movies…

What else to do with your tablet? Watch movies. Five years ago in the subway a sticky in the series on tabs. People have not ceased to watch on the way to the office, but now doing it on smartphones. “The era of the tablet as a mass device for content consumption ended after the phone screens went beyond five inches. Now the tablets were more likely to be perceived as devices for content creation,” says an industrial analyst Sergei Vilyanov.

My friend insists that with the tablet more comfortable to watch a movie before going to sleep (“you can’t lie in bed with a laptop. Need a tablet!”). And the man clarifies that tab you can take to the kitchen to turn on the channel oblomoff or some other foodblogger on YouTube and try to cook something according to the recipe.

Thanks to test Galaxy Tab S6 I finally get to the fifth season of “Black mirror”. To watch a few episodes, going to the coffee shop on the ground floor of the publisher. Take the couch and turn on the first series, she seems boring to me, I include the second episode about the underbelly of social networking, search through. Watch the movie from the tablet than from a smartphone, although my diagonal of 6.1 inches, which is a lot. Laptop familiar, especially since I do not hold the tablet in his hands and put it on the table. Lie in bed and watch movies better on a tablet, but I don’t use gadgets before bedtime. But to include cooking videos in the kitchen and really cute idea.

…to draw and get into a new social network

Users tablets Samsung has something what many do not realize, is the app Pen.Up. It is a social network for Samsung those who loves and knows how to paint (or even paint).

Users draw with a stylus, they held a bunch of contests, there are celebrities. On albums with the best pictures you can hang for a long time, even if you are so indifferent to digital art. I kind of indifferent, but looked at all the colorful mermaids, drawn, apparently, by adults and successful people. It is unlikely that many students have a tablet or phone totally free premium-class, for which there is a stylus. So mermaids rather drawing your boss than a neighbor as a teenager.

I don’t know how to draw, so choose the coloring, let it be a hedgehog, on the back of which “grow” houses with tiled roofs. In fact, this meditation is not for me, I get bored easily, put down the tablet for half an hour, and when I go back, I find user comments. People don’t like my mediastrategy hedgehog. The first commenter leaves I painted the bold black NO. If necessary, you can argue with them, or go into other people’s outrage.

Well, if you don’t have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vkontakte and you love to draw then Pen.Up — the reason to buy a gadget with a stylus. Oh, by the way, about social networks in the web version they look terrible on all tablets, and Galaxy Tab S6 is no exception. Therefore, it is better install applications.

There are a couple of ideas, what to do with the tablet. You can try to run any shooter. Samsung says that the new product is suitable for the gamers it has a powerful processor and the program Game Booster, thanks to them, the game quickly loaded and hangs. But I really want to play this on the tablet: a better smartphone that fits in the palm of your hand, or have a big screen. Something can take pictures, but my smartphone is too smart naranca, and to do a selfie, they, like any phone, comfortable.

As tablets become smartphones-tablets

“Now the tablet market as ever more like the market for traditional PCs. The overall decline in margin and market has led to the fact that five companies occupy a large share. While small producers left the segment, or ceased it to be regarded as a priority. Even among the top 5 there are two companies — Apple and Samsung, who are detached from others (even the leaders of the rating Lenovo, Amazon, Huawei — approx. TASS), and investing heavily in innovation and marketing in the direction,” says Jitesh Urbani, senior analyst at IDC.

In General, in the last couple of years, there were no serious forecasts that the tablet market once again. Today, manufacturers have the main sorrow — for the second consecutive year falling smartphone sales. Some companies are trying to come up with something new, began to experiment with the format of smartphone-tablet. Samsung next month is going to present the Galaxy Fold. When folded it can be used as a phone, in the spread — as a tablet.

Foldable smartphone have Huawei model Mate X — and less known Chinese brands.

Anastasia Stepanova

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