The new iPhone should appear in the Apple Pencil, but do it to users?

Recently, the network appeared rumors that Apple is preparing to “copy Samsung” and create the second on the market smartphone with full stylus support. Sounds plausible, as iPhone X 2018 will be the biggest iPhone in the history of the device. 6.5 inches is more space for taking notes and drawing, which Apple really wants to dispose of.

Thus future changes will not make X iPhone Plus competitor to the Note 9. Samsung “handle” comes, she hides the body and is one of the most important functions of the smartphone.

Apple is unlikely to bother. Apple Pencil support in the iPhone will be the same as in the iPad. She did not turn the phone into a notebook, and give artists another canvas on which they can draw.

In this regard, the question arises, whether Apple Pencil support iPhone at all? Of course, this functionality will not hurt, but on the expediency, you can speculate.


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