The story of the conflict of China and the National basketball Association the USA is becoming a new paint. It all started with the fact that the General Manager of the American basketball team “Houston rockets” named Daryl Mori during a visit to Tokyo two weeks ago decided to post on the social network Twitter a simple text: “Fight for freedom. Wait for Kong!”

The tweet was soon deleted, but then it began! Here is how the situation, the American magazine “the new Yorker”:

“Within a few hours after the tweet Darryl Mori, his employer felt the whole power of the Chinese anger. The Chinese basketball Association immediately interrupted, “all the exchanges and any kind of cooperation” with the American team. With “Houston rockets” broke the contracts of the Chinese sponsors in the face of the largest manufacturer of sportswear and accessories, “Li Ning” (Li Ning company, named after its founder, Olympic gymnastics champion Li Nina, approx. ed.) and SPD Bank. Tencent Sports, which conducted broadcasts of all games “Houston rockets” in the streaming has stopped any transfer of this team. And the CCTV Sports company, part of state holding, quickly abandoned plans Dostanic broadcast games involving the rockets in China. Any goods with the symbols of the rockets, quickly disappeared from the site Taobao, China engaged in online trading. Of course, Chinese users tried to occupy the Twitter account of Mr. Morley angry messages”.

The American media tried to present the situation as an act of repression by the state to which ordinary fans and Chinese people in General are not related. But is it? Even the American media and sociological centres, which carried out surveys in China regarding attitudes to the events in Hong Kong, came to not quite pleasant for US conclusions. It turns out that the Chinese have respect for the achievements of the United States, but absolutely do not accept the attempts of the Americans to interfere in Chinese Affairs, and to incite one part of Chinese society to another. And especially do not accept the Chinese people, including young people, the attempt to separate China from Hong Kong through some sort of “color revolution”. In September, Professor of the Military Academy at West point, Thomas Sherlock and John Gregory came to the following conclusion, conducted a survey among Chinese students. Here is how they presented this conclusion in the pages of the “wall street journal”:

“Chinese students had grasped the propaganda of the Communist party that the political system of China is a true democracy, adapted to the specificities of the country. Not contradicting attitudes of the party’s campaign “the Chinese dream”, the students argued that the legitimacy of a political order depends he is capable or not to provide socio-economic development”.

So in China against the “sporting diversion” were protesting not only the officials, protested the Chinese basketball fans, whose position was expressed by the author of the article in “China daily” (China Daily) David Lee:

“Many Chinese basketball fans tweet the General Manager of the “Houston rockets” caused serious questions. The main one is this: “what do you call this fight? When the leading financial center of Asia — for a long time famous for reigning in this world, order, stability — when Hong Kong emptied the riots? If you were really in Hong Kong? Or you have issued these words because you see the contention in this financial center of all Asia standing for the continuation in this street violence, vandalism, riots? Or worse, do you want to say that the Hong Kong and China are “two incompatible things”, opposing the state, so that you can keep one of these States and stand in the wall against the other?”

Knowing that Maury erased his tweet, “China daily” concludes: “it Seems that the strategy of Mr. Mori is to patiently wait out our anger and to seize the moment, when passions will settle”. Further, the author says Mori and of people like him that the memory of the Chinese long. This is confirmed by the response of readers with a major Chinese news website “Guanches”, who urged his compatriots to stand firm and not allow ourselves to forget about national pride.

User “My Chinese heart”, “Like a military parade, this situation has become part of a collective of Patriotic education. For fans of NBA and everyone associated with the League, it was a Patriotic checks, and a very good check! In words anyone can love the Motherland, but what will you choose when your Hobbies and interests will start to conflict with the public interest and of national honor? In General, everything is displayed well and should stay”.

China sends a clear signal: the passions subside. China used to support Hong Kong “revolution” of firms the principle of “Shut up or pay” punishing interference in their Affairs by the closure of the huge Chinese market. Gradually this principle is extended to other issues on which China relies on international law: affiliation rejected by Chiang Kai-shek from the country of Taiwan, Tibetan separatism. Here’s how it describes the consequences of the American “new Yorker”:

“In recent months, companies such as “Armani”, “Calvin Klein” and “Gap” vengeance’m sorry on their websites and clothing marked some Chinese territories such as Hong Kong and Tibet as an independent country. Faced last year with the threat of economic pressure from Beijing, American Airlines, “Delta” and “United Airlines” has removed from its websites of references to Taiwan as a state. Case “Houston rockets” that began in the social network, which is not even allowed in China, represents a new level of Chinese efforts to control the Internet.”

The national basketball Association from the incident has suffered greatly: the American basketball present in the Chinese market since 1989. For the season 2017-2018 games and other NBA content already viewed over 600 million Chinese fans, and almost a third of subscribers to streaming NBA were from Asia. The Americans did to the Chinese fans, billions, and because the NBA tried to make excuses, calling the tweet Mori “unfortunate”. The owner of the “Houston rockets” Tilman Fertitta stated it is a sensible idea that sport is out of politics, and tweet Mr Mori “was not made on behalf of the whole team, “Houston rockets”.

But then “Houston rockets” and the NBA came under more, not less strong pressure, namely, under “the rink” those forces in the USA who claim to support “color revolutions” in foreign countries, a matter of honor and honorable duty of every citizen of the United States. “The new Yorker” quoted the words of Beto O’rourke, Congressman from the native to “Houston rockets” of the state of Texas, who said: “the Only thing the NBA should ask forgiveness is for the way they shamelessly give their income advantage compared to human rights”.

The same thought was expressed and a number of other politicians in the United States, including presidential candidate — Ted Cruz.

However, these statements have not calmed China. On the contrary, are not unnoticed in China, they rallied the Chinese in the protection of those forces in the NBA that have been configured to apologize to China.

“The American elite are screaming about freedom of speech. However, they approve of freedom of Daryl Maury to support the Hong Kong demonstrators, but oppose the freedom NBA tactfully to bring the citizens of China apology”, — commented the situation, “huanqiu shibao,” and adds: “Freedom of speech, which they say subject to the public interests of the United States and depends on the circumstances. Chinese culture is disseminated through textbooks for the Confucius Institute, has been subjected to condemnation… as a result, due to its arrogance, the US has killed the NBA in China. The Chinese nation has never ceased to respond to the attitude of the United States. We’re not provocateurs, we are staunch defenders of their rights.”

American company CNBC reports that, in addition to the NBA, “Chinese wrath” because of their support of the Hong Kong unrest has undergone two major American firms — Apple and Activision. The last company involved in gaming in the online and offended by the fact that one of the gamers after the game gave an interview to a respirator and sunglasses under the Hong Kong “Protestant”, shouting slogans about “freedom of Hong Kong.” Apple, according to unconfirmed reports, helped the protesters to learn about the movements of the police.

Gradually it becomes clear China’s strategy. People and companies who question the territorial integrity of China or maintain on his land the “colour revolutions”, you can forget about doing business in China. And along with business with companies that are related to China.

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