Remember how everyone laughed at AirPods three years ago? “Who needs these headphones wirelessly? What else would you charge them?” But Apple somehow magically managed to impose his headphones quite a stir. Only time does not stand still and now AirPods buy either for prestige or out of inertia, not because they are the coolest from a technical point of view. But what about the competition? Let’s talk today about Jabra Active Elite 65t — completely wireless headphones that don’t fall out of your ears, and are not afraid of water.


The first thing you should start is the case. Few manufacturers produce something just as compact. Of course, Apple was the first to pack all your technology in a small case and thus became a trendsetter in the market, it’s too late came with my Samsung true wireless headphones. All other brands for some reason in a convenient compact “could not”. Not enough money, or acted on the principle “and so will descend”, history is silent. The same Pioneer, for example, are doing for their wireless “ears” slurred huge cases that will not fit in a Trouser pocket. And so almost everyone who tries to get into the departing ship with the wireless technology. But here comes the Jabra cool for true wireless headphone pocket station and making buyers well. Well, almost.

Like, all the time engineers have spent on fine-tuning headphones, because case thought-out not called. No magnets to hold headphones or a smooth opening and “tuning”. To get headphone have to be very, very carefully, because the cover is opened hard. In the first couple of times are really afraid to overdo it and already thoughts are going to catch flying around the headphones. The benefit to us for review got their red version, so long to find them would not have.

But the headphones themselves is good. Jabra proudly declares that it does not fall out of your ears. And in General, they are right. Even with the standard ear cups they sit in my ears like a glove. For the “gags” this is a good result, especially for relatively heavy (because the batteries are not weightless) is completely wireless. In the package there are two pairs of ear cushions that can help people with ears bigger than mine. Though it is strange that this time I was approached by the smallest ear pads despite the fact that the other “plugs” I prefer to put the ones that will be bigger.

The left and right headphones are slightly different from each other. On the left two buttons, while on the right one. They can be reassigned, but straight out of the box the left ear is responsible for volume and track switching, and the right — for connection to the device and activating one interesting function, which I’ll discuss further. Weight are different: “master”, right earpiece weighs a gram more than the left.

Charged they, or rather their case, via cable Micro-USB. Sorry, that is not Type-C, because to carry a few wires for phones and headphones — not very nice. On a single charge Jabra Elite Active 65t can work up to 5 hours, charging during the day, the briefcase, up to 10 hours. Total you get 15 hours of good sound. Good result, Yes?

Ease of use

We pass a couple of days with headphones, you get used to them so much that to leave is not desirable. Ears are not tired, not sick, although some vacuum plugs after an hour of use there are unpleasant sensations and I want to stop this torture. And this despite the fact that the headphones is not easy, in terms of weight, and keep on saying Yes the ear pads. Jog they can withstand flawlessly, constantly correct them is not necessary. Once inserted, forgotten. To ride a bike, fear of losing them. The exit curb and even shaking when driving on the stairs do not allow them to fly out of the ears. Then really start to believe that the manufacturer itself was significantly verified that the headphones don’t tend to fall out of the ears.

And in Jabra Elite Active 65t integrated pedometer that can sync with your favorite apps for recording activity from fitness devices. This is not the headphones, and some technological cyborg. Headphones and quality headset, and even a pedometer on Board. Isn’t that happiness for an athlete?

Not gonna lie if I say that the sound here is very cool by the standards of the compact, completely wireless headphones. Much better than the nearest competitor and AirPods. The part of the reviewers wrote that they do not have enough low frequencies, but I ran them through a huge amount of music of different genres and never felt the lack of frequencies. Though high, even medium, even low. At any volume level there is no pokropivny and dips in sound. The sound is clear and it pleases, and at the maximum volume your headphones still and no one will hear, even within a small empty room.

Perceptible frequency range does not start with a claimed 20 Hz, and slightly higher from about 35-40 Hz. Because of this, the bass may not sound as deep, but quite distinct. High frequency they fall in e-overloaded mess.

Non-branded chips, the company headphones gone. System four multi-directional microphones (uncommon in such small headphones, by the way) allows you to use headphones even as a headset through which you can safely make calls without fearing that the wind will not hear the interlocutor. I tested their conversational function and people did not complain about the loss of sound quality.

And that’s not all the advantages of good MICS. In the app Sound+ you can activate the Hearthrough. It allows you to hear ambient sounds, acting as a monitor for external audio sources. Delays with almost no. Given the sports focus of the model function is convenient, for to hear on the run what is happening around is very useful. And if you ride the subway, to know what station is next — useful.

With all these cool features ill the place the headphones are. Somehow there is a delay while playing video on smartphone, watch some spoken video where you can see the speaker, almost impossible. The movement of the lips and a sound separately. I hope to correct, but so far smartphones with Bluetooth 4.2 this feature was never happy.


The official app to work with Jabra Active Elite 65t, of course, plays the role of control center for all their functions. In the sidebar you can select the mode of use of headphones. The choice of the user are provided four modes: “My moment”, “on the road”, “Concentration” and “Active”. In the first mode, you can adjust the sound settings using a simple equalizer, or choose one of the presets. But the most interesting mode is “focus”. Directly from the application you can include background sounds, which are designed to focus your attention while performing any work task. This may be useful in cases where the level of natural background noise is too high. But not only this rich app.

If you suddenly lost somewhere headphones, then this case is stashed a function of “Find my device Jabra”. The application is constantly overwrites the last place connected to the headset using GPS and displays it on the map label. Is it good? If you are around decent and honest people — Yes.

Where have you ever seen a set of headphones, pedometer and headset in one device? I don’t. A little-known Chinese manufacturers, of course, there is something like that, but it is not a mass model, for which it will go through your these aliexpress and other herbesti. And here it is all Packed in the format to true wireless: no wires and long battery life. Well and available in the usual online electronics stores. Without packages, long wait, warranty problems and other drawbacks of buying abroad.

Yes, the Jabra Active 65t Elite — expensive. And the sum of 10 thousand rubles a seem unaffordable and unreasonably high, but that’s only headphones of the same class from Bose and Samsung are even more expensive. While in Jabra do have to pay for anything.

But if you Elite to Jabra Active 65t don’t like their pompous sportiness, then the same model is released in a cheaper version with a slightly different case, more calm colors, a little low protection against external influences and without a pedometer. If it suits you, get a cheaper and not less sensible option. Ergonomics is the same as all the other chips in place.

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