Reuters reports that Apple removed from the App Store app HKmap. live. It was possible to track the movements of protesters and police in Hong Kong. In Cupertino stated that the application “endanger police officers and the people of Hong Kong” because it was used to create ambushes and prepare attacks on people.

The company stated that it had contacted the office of Hong Kong in cyber security and combat technology crimes, where he learned that the application uses to coordinate attacks, including on civilians.

Note that the program was removed after criticism of Apple by the Chinese authorities. Official publication of the Communist party of China “people hotel’s daily” said that the app is “toxic”, after which he accused the Corporation in aid to the protesters.

By the way, after uninstalling the app trending on Twitter behind the hashtag #BoycottApple, which marked the posts with calls to abandon the company’s products and otherwise ignore it. The company has not yet commented on this move.

And developers HKmap. live already stated that I don’t agree with Apple’s decision, saying the lack of evidence that the application used for attacks on police officers. Answer from Cupertino have also been reported.

Note that the app allows you to mark certain places on the map of Hong Kong with Emoji, and then these data become available to all users. For example, symbols of a dog or a dragon are indicated the places where the police is. Drops of water there are water cannons.

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