Researcher in the field of cybersecurity Lucas Stefanko (Lukas Stefanko) has exposed the fitness apps that deception received from the users of large amounts of money. His investigation, he published in the blog of ESET.

To Rob users, attackers use Touch ID in Apple gadgets. The application asks the user to scan the fingerprint (ostensibly to develop a special diet).

However, during the scan, the app goes to the village and buy the “improved” version of the program. Typically, the user does not have time to remove your finger from the button, and accidentally confirms the payment.

In this deception Stefanko caught app Fitness Balance and Calories Tracker. The first was removed from user cards $ 120 at one time (almost 8 thousand), the second — 140 euros (more than 10.5 thousand rubles).

The program Fitness Balance trying to Rob users twice. If the user does not scan a fingerprint, the application displays a splash screen “Continue” and tries to withdraw funds from the account.

A few days ago to steal money through these applications drew the attention of the users of imageboard Reddit. The victims tried to contact the developers, but they only promised to remove these “problems” in the updates.

To avoid becoming a victim of fraud, Stefanko advised to delay the processing of purchases on your gadget. The program was already removed from AppStore, but lost money back is unlikely.

In September the visitor imageboard Reddit drew attention to a mobile app that masquerades as a search service for relatives that fished cheating the users money. A program called Ancestry also used Touch ID to steal money from the card.

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