Metropolitan motorists paid for Parking using the app “Park of Moscow” for more than 17.3 million times, while iOS users have used the app almost 10 million times, and Android users — about 7 million times, according to RIAMA on Wednesday, the representative of the press service of the Moscow Parking.

“87% of the capital’s motorists now pay for Parking through a new application “Park of Moscow”. This payment method is the most convenient and fast, moreover, the application allows you to correct mistakes in already concluded Parking sessions. In addition, the application can bind a Bank card or Apple Pay to user account and to replenish Parking account even faster”, — said the Agency interlocutor.

He recalled that the correction of errors committed when paying for Parking through the app “Park of Moscow”, available only until the end of the current day. The user can adjust the vehicle’s license plate, the number of the Parking zone or the end time of the Parking, but only once for each Parking session.

“It is important that you can prolong only the Parking session, which she ended upon expiry of paid for time”, — said the representative of the press service.

For all matters relating to the capital’s Parking space, you can contact the unified contact centre “Moscow transport” by phones: +7 (495) 539-54-54 or 3210 (mobile).

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