In Norway the smart watch Apple Watch, in fact, saved the life of an elderly person. About the case told the Norwegian national public broadcaster NRK.

We will remind, in the autumn, Apple launched its Apple watch Series 4. Among their features are the function of receiving ECG and fall detection.

67-year-old Coral Osting (Toralv Ostvang) was home alone when suddenly collapsed on the bathroom floor and in three places broke the bones of the skull. The definition of fall, the watch was able to call the ambulance. According to the source, ambulance workers found him “bleeding and unconscious,” and would not have survived the night if help had not come in time.

According to the daughter of the victim, Osting not usually takes with him into the bathroom smart phone and couldn’t call an ambulance yourself.

To recognize the fall of the Apple watch Series 4 use the gyroscope and accelerometer of a new generation which is able to measure acceleration to g 32. Apple Watch analyze the trajectory and acceleration and output to the display a notification about detected the fall. The user can dismiss the notification or use it to call emergency services. If the user does not move for 60 seconds after the withdrawal of the notification on the screen, the Apple Watch will automatically call emergency services and send a close message indicating the location.

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