The current false start smartphones with flexible OLED screens can slow down the development of the industry. Analytical company DSCC specialised in displays, reports that this year may be released only 360 thousand panels, and finished devices sell less than 250 thousand pieces. And it’s hard not to agree.

The company claims that Apple will release a smartphone not earlier than 2022. And until 2023, the market of folding panels will only grow to 68 million units. Although in monetary terms refers to growth of $ 8 billion.

The market leader, according to the DSCC, will be Samsung, which next year may take up to 70% of the market. But by 2023, its share is 42%. Thus, analysts believe that the growth of this segment of the market, though slow, but still will go.

Note that while no firm has released ready and commercially successful solution with a folding screen. It is influenced by many factors — both technical and marketing. In particular, few can clearly explain the advantages of this smartphone, given that it should be not less than two thousand dollars. Perhaps in the future this will change.

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