Recently, Apple has released a beta version of the program Shortcuts, and developers immediately began to learn a new tool. As it turned out, it hides a lot of interesting things for ordinary users.

Shortcuts is an analogue of the Automator, which is part of the macOS for years. In fact, it is a program that combines several of the actions performed on the device, one. And this is her first feature. The app will help you to create personalized task chain. For example, one tap to set the alarm clock to turn on the “do Not disturb” and play your favorite playlist to the bedtime routine. This is a basic example, which only gives an idea of what a personal automation. Naturally, users of the right to choose the course of action and customize them as they please. And it is certainly very interesting.

Automation helps to reduce the amount of time users spend performing certain tasks, but Shortcuts maybe more. The program can open a lot of new possibilities. Some of them we already wrote earlier. Using Shortcuts you can create automatic playlists. By default in iOS, this feature is not provided.

Also Shortcuts added support for JavaScript. If you do not go into technical details, we, in fact, this program can interact with code web pages using Safari. This, in turn, encourage developers to create new processes in Shortcuts. For example, now to download YouTube videos no need to download a special app. Enough to start the process in Shortcuts and video will be in “Files”. Moreover, any video or audio on the Internet, you can now speed up or slow down, without loading them into a special player. That is, only system tools. These features will be available after the official release of app Shortcuts.

Moreover, interested in the development of the utility users have created a service called where you can share workflows created Shortcuts. They published a number of options, including the ability to:

  • To know the size of the file.
  • To publish an article in Medium.
  • Learn whether the hacked email address.
  • Find out what the latest beta version released by Apple.

And many others. Thus, developers are already in beta testing were able to develop the functionality of iOS through a single application. When it comes to the official release, users will be able to rely on a huge list of functions related to the programs they use daily.


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