The app Duet Display, allows you to turn the iPad into extra Mac display, has appeared on Android OS. As in the case of “Apple” devices, it lets you use a smartphone, tablet, and chromebook as an additional monitor. Supported desktop systems to Windows or macOS.

Note that in the latest builds of operating systems, from Cupertino was added to the native Sidecar, which likewise transmits the data to the secondary device. The developers Duet Display and decided to release a version for Android.

To connect you need to use the USB cable. The PC installs free Dual Desktop and on a mobile device — the Duet Display application for Android.

The app itself is 1590 rubles without discounts, and 790 with her. It works with a mobile operating system seventh edition and above. Supported by gestures and touch controls allow you to scroll and zoom images directly on your tablet or smartphone. Download the app already.

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