After Google acquired the maker of fitness trackers Fitbit, the owners of these “smart” bracelets have begun to abandon their use — they believe that IT is a Corporation steals information about health. Manual Fitbit refutes such rumors, however, Google’s reputation, the users will not risk losing personal information.

It is hard to resist

Last week it became known that Google bought the Fitbit Corporation, which produces fitness trackers, and other devices for health. The purchase cost, the IT giant in $2.1 billion, and with her help, he allegedly intends to enter the market of wearable devices to compete with Apple and other technology companies.

However, ordinary users of Fitbit, of which there are 28 million worldwide, seeing in this transaction a clear threat to their personal data, reports the Guardian.

Users fear that Google now will get the most intimate information on their daily condition — the number of steps to breathing patterns, from sleep stages to the menstrual cycle.

In his official statement, manual Fitbit claims that the user health information will never be sent to Google to personalize ads: “consumer Trust is paramount for Fitbit. Strict principles of confidentiality and security was part of the DNA of Fitbit from the very first day of work, and it does not change”.

But users are not convinced, after all, Google collects a huge amount of information from their many services, and believe that he will miss a large database is very difficult. IT-giant follows the movements of users and their search, including YouTube. In addition, Google’s algorithms create a advertising profile of the person, foretelling of his gender, age, marital status, Hobbies, profession, and income potential. If these data add information about the person’s health, it turns out that Google knows all about it in detail.

Data is more important than the bracelet

In social networks users frustrated writing that will prefer to abandon the use of the usual gadget than to risk losing personal data.

“Today, threw my Fitbit in the trash,” writes one Twitter user. “They are going to sell your Fitbit and delete the account,” agrees another user.

“Buying a Fitbit Google 100% designed to spy on people (in real world), but not for the revival of the Wear OS. Google is a spyware company that wants to collect information about our web activity, our emails, our thermostats and our movements in real life. Isn’t it obvious?” asks the user @danbenjamin.

“Dear Fitbit, I don’t want us to data that I trusted you, went to Google. After the news about the acquisition of your company, I want to sell your bracelet and remove account. How can I be sure information about me in the end will not be in their hands?” — asks @shehackspurple.

“It seems impossible, but Google is going to put their obscene surveillance program to a new level. He buys a Fitbit to monitor my sleep, workouts, exercises, heart rate etc Fitbit uses this information to manipulate us and Google,” said @DrREpstein, adding to your post with the hashtag #Fear (eng. #BeAfraid).

It is known that Google has created its own platform for tracking health called Google Fit in 2014, but production compatible wearable devices was a third-party company, such as Fossil and Tag Heuer.

According to the specialist data protection Comparitech Paul Bischof, a Google acquisition, the company Fitbit may indeed be bad for the privacy of its users.

The fact that even if the company promises not to share your data for targeting, it does not mean that this situation will continue in the future.

“Fitbit says that it will not transmit health information for advertising, but Google is still a large amount of information to collect — geolocation, device data, friends lists, messages, photos, etc.,” added Bischof.

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