Each presentation iPhone is often a reason for the emergence of many memes. Was no exception and the last. Manner Apple to introduce your product impressed Durex. Manufacturer of condoms has released a video Pro.

A short but concise video was posted on Twitter by the Indian subsidiary.

“Do it like a Pro,” reads a caption to a publication. In the video the obvious direct reference to the new functions of the iPhone 11 Pro.

Lying on the pillow condoms placed in the same way as the camera on the latest Apple product.

“Enjoy an epic night mode”, “faster give her pleasure”, “Slomo climax for him”, “ready for action?” signed in Durex each shift frame.

The idea of like users. They acknowledged that the PR-service of the manufacturer is just awesome.

“Even Durex spared not the iPhone”, — said in the comments, hinting at the negative reviews about the new Apple and related memes.

“I’m seriously thinking to buy one. Look at the pillow! Of course, Apple would be proud,” admitted the Network.

“And what about battery life?” — ironically in the discussions.

Do it like a pro. To buy Durex Mutual Climax, click on https://t.co/JPcPWRUp8M. #iPhone11 #Apple pic.twitter.com/ViIxzJ6MOQ— Durex India (@DurexIndia) 11 September 2019.

Hundreds of collages and memes on the subject of design 11 iPhone appeared online immediately after the presentation of Apple in Cupertino. Some have decided that the camera of the smartphone is similar to a spinner, someone remembered a scene from the film with Schwarzenegger, others just expressed their disappointment with the gadget.

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