Company Conviva published a report on the study of the streaming market as of 2nd quarter 2019, in particular, the dynamics of audience behavior and development of the observed trends.

The increase in the number of hits OTT content on 130% in comparison with 2Q of 2018 and a significant improvement in the quality of the streaming, the consolidation of the industry, major acquisitions and preparation of key players (including preparing their services to run) to the ultimate balance of power on the market — all this, as suggested in Conviva suggests that now the main factor for the success of the streaming platform will be user loyalty. The market leaders will be those services that provide the user with optimum functionality, best quality operation and the correct balance of content and advertising. A considerable role play and social networks.

The main observations Conviva:

Strong growth in the number of hits they increased by 130%, while the number of crashes streaming broadcasts decreased by 42%.

The leader in the consumption of streaming content, the USA. Oddly enough, the top three cities for the consumption of video released Phoenix, Dallas and Atlanta, and major technology centers — new York, San Francisco and Boston are lagging behind.

Buffering commercials that interrupt the video, the killer audience engagement, as annoy the viewer.

Time to abandon 30-second commercials, it is still the most common duration (the average duration is 24,87 h), but such rollers often miss. The 10-second pre-rolls by spending only 19% of users, pre-rolls from 20 seconds already squander of 32.6%. As for mid-rolls, for a 10-minute clips and longer clips 20 min, the figures are 29.1% and 50%, respectively.

War devices smart TV is in full swing — the annual growth of this segment of the market amounted to 143%. Leads Roku — 173% growth and 43% of the total number of views of content on devices smart TV. Amazon Fire TV, the figures are 145% and 18%, Apple TV — 129% and 10% respectively.

The format of the streaming direct broadcast overtakes quality format video on demand (VOD): the buffering time is decreased by 13.9%, the live video is triggered by 25.6% faster than the VoD with the same quality of picture.

Video compression format reigned in social networks: to Facebook and YouTube began to pay 15% more videos. In popularity leading news clips, the number of hits for the year increased by 197%, followed by entertainment video growing number of views of 99%.

“Despite the outstanding growth, the streaming market is still in a nascent stage. The data suggests that audience appetite for content grows, devices and services for viewing videos becomes more and more. Fighting platforms for the audience stimulates the evolution of service quality and introduction of innovative technologies. Publishers, content providers, advertisers, marketers and brands make every possible effort to develop a streaming infrastructure. And let the industry is still in the formative stage, can not but rejoice that the market players — both current market leaders and newcomers — in the race to try to provide the audience with excellent quality of each stream”, — says the head of Conviva bill demAs.

SOURCE: Advanced Television

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