iPhone XS and XS Max, whose owners had to face problems when connected to LTE and the power supply can suffer from failures in the built-in speakers. As the resource PiunikaWeb involved in the analysis of flaws in the products of the company Apple dynamics of some copies of the iPhone XS and XS Max can spontaneously fail during playback of music or videos with audio.

Judging by the abundance of complaints that users leave on the official Apple support website, portal, Reddit, and forums iMore and MacRumors, the problem may be widespread.

Not working speaker for your iPhone XS

“I have an iPhone XS Max and I noticed that when listening to music or watching video, the top speaker of my phone just stops working — says one user. — I went into settings and moved the slider and nothing. Rebooting fixed the crashing, putting me at that it is the software. I have at least three friends with the same problem, but foolproof method of correction does not yet exist. Has anyone else encountered something similar? If so, how you fixed it?”.

How to fix the problem

Despite the fact that the way the phone corrects the defect, after some time, he may appear again, letting a comfortable listening to music or watching videos, where the audio track. It is highly unusual that an outage does not apply to telephone conversations and sessions audio and video through instant messaging, ensuring unimpeded communication with people.

The problem is the speaker is one of the most common “diseases” of Apple technology. At different times, bumped into her iPhone several generations and MacBook Pro 2015 and 2018. However, in some cases, the failure was not caused by flaws in the software, and workmanship of the equipment.

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