Manufacturer of household appliances invests $ 260 million in the development of the route for further testing of their electric car.

In September 2017 the company Dyson, is widely known for manufacturing vacuum cleaners, loudly declared that for the past two years developing a “radically different” electric car.

A large part of the development of the project will be thoroughly tested at all stages of development. That is why the company bought the former airfield during the Second world war about eight kilometers from his headquarters in the English County of Wiltshire.

A team of 400 people have already been placed in the equipped hangars on an area of 2 sq. km. their task is To develop several tracks with a total length of about 16 km.

This week Dyson posted an image which showed how will look the project in the final stage.

Executive Director of Dyson Jim Rowan in an interview with BBC said that the new route will soon become a “campus for testing vehicles world class”.

Given the huge problems faced by Elon Musk, trying to succeed for Tesla, Dyson needs to develop a win-win development plan to achieve the desired height.


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