Apple need to improve the function.

Scientists at the Stanford University in cooperation with Apple, conducted an extensive study of the heart rate sensor in the latest “smart watch” Apple Watch Series 4. In research took part more than 400 thousand users of the Apple Watch. The experiment was the highest among all technology related to tracking heartbeat.

The study showed that the Apple Watch Series 4 has identified irregularities in the heart at 0.5% of users (2 million people). All of these users after you did a full cardiogram. 84% of warned smart hours the man really was recorded in atrial fibrillation.

Despite a fairly high rate, scientists believe that the technology of heart rate tracking Apple Watch needs to be expanded. The main reason is that the Apple Watch may not detect the presence of disorders of the heart in people who actually have problems.

Note that this study was conducted by scientists of Stanford, in conjunction with Apple. Thus, in the future of the Apple Watch should be demonstrable improvements in heart rate tracking.


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