New Apple Watch will be able to remove the electrocardiogram. However, while this feature will be available only in the United States. Watch Apple’s fourth series also can now understand that you slipped or fell, asking how things are, and if you do not receive a response, will sound the alarm and call the ambulance. The price of the new device — about 32 thousand rubles.

American media publish stories like the smart watch save lives. The gadget alerts you to a possible heart attack, and with the pulse of the people, turning to the doctor, learn about congenital heart defects, kidney failure and revealed the ulcer.

From Jams Ibragimova on the clock except the native Apple apps that measures your pulse, there is one that beeps for heart palpitations. From Jams Oncology, and a smart watch time and again rescued her. One such case occurred when she returned with the procedures of Israel to Moscow:

“At the moment when I lost consciousness, the guys that I was watching, worked the response to this signal, and I fell directly into the hands of medical. On screen the exclamation mark, the doctors touched him, and there in Russian and English languages duplicated indicators that the person has such a diagnosis and went pulse. They immediately injected a drug that reduced heart rate and leveled it. On arrival in Moscow after the nerves I entered the apartment, the clock yelled, my daughter called an ambulance, and the same thing happened. There was another incident when I got in an accident, and also watch gave a beep, and the doctor was able to react”.

Publisher Oleg Kapranov uses the Apple Watch from the very first model, including a heart rate monitor, especially when playing sports. The device helps you understand when it is time to reduce the load, but as a serious meter to use it is still impossible, Kapranov considers:

Oleg Kapranov publisher “it is Important to understand that the optical heart rate monitor, which is used in the Apple Watch, a thing very specific. It’s still not a medical device and it gives you heart rate measurement with sufficiently high accuracy. It can be used as a reference point when, for example, really going wild pulse, but to rely on these figures as data on medical measurements or as data for cardiogram, I would not. Most professional athletes usually use the additional chest strap: it is much denser contact, used all the same metal contacts and not the optical sensor, and the efficiency, accuracy, reliability of such measurements is much higher.”

The value of the new Apple Watch as soon as carriageways can only be assessed in practice, and if they show excellent results, such a watch would be a perfect gift for people older than 40 years, said the physician, cardiologist and medical blogger Philip Kuzmenko:

Philip Kuzmenko therapist, cardiologist, medical blogger, “How can it work? For example, a person from whom it is not clear that heart is the Apple Watch, he stole something, he looks at the Apple Watch, it says that the heart is all right, and he thinks: okay, it’s probably not the heart, and low back pain. Maybe to some extent they will help us unload the ambulance crew who ride every sneeze and every tingling sensation in the chest and because of this often do not have time to those who really need it. How else can I use them? Suppose a man of 45 years decided to go to the gym, does cardio, feels some slight pressure in the heart thinks: okay, it’s probably nothing. And watch at this point, remove the ECG and say, no, buddy, you got a real problem, so let’s quickly get off the treadmill and run to the doctor. That is the angina pectoris”.

The Internet joke that in Russia that the watch did an ECG, they will have to produce a certificate from a therapist and fresh analyses.

The first smart watch, removing ECG, two years ago, presented to the British company Cronovo. Raising money for the project was launched on Kickstarter. The stated price is 84 euros. First delivery was planned for November last year, but the market the device has not appeared.

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