About Epple to recognize the Russian Crimea (in the sense that there are now applications written, for example, that the Simferopol, Crimea — Russia) at the foreign Ministry of Ukraine wildest bombs. And it’s more than logical.

I mean, God. Is the real world and the imaginary. Many people prefer to live in an imaginary world. Really in the questionnaires in censuses indicate themselves elves or Jedi. And they even allow for freedom of belief and that’s all.

But when “elf” was admitted to the hospital, he, of course, no one can say that you’re an elf and you will recover. Because the objective things show that he is no elf without huge doses of antibiotics stupidly die. And you know what? The patient already thinks that he is an elf, and asking to roll. Because the reality is that he escaped, jumped out from behind a corner and bit him.

And here.

One may say that krymvash. But in reality, there are Russian laws, it is controlled by Russia, the people living there consider themselves citizens of Russia and live in Moscow time. And if you pretend it isn’t, when trying to relate the reality of the problems begin. Business is a reality, and the problem is he doesn’t need.

And by the way, you did all that you were and that your position in the Crimea had no points of intersection with reality. You said that krymvash, but turned off his light and water, and generally everything I could to disable. You said that krymvash, but closed him to transport exactly the same as if it were alien and hostile. You said that krymvash, but did everything to the shelves of the Crimean shops disappeared Ukrainian products, on the Crimean beaches — Ukrainian tourists. And another thing is that you have failed.

That is, you don’t even those who consider themselves an elf or rainbow ponies. You are the one who knows that he is a man, but everyone says he is a rainbow pony, while turning the sausages with a beer, not a cupcake with tea. And those to whom he says, inadvertently doubt creeps in: and do not scratch if you tell us, my dear man? And the farther, the more it will slip.

In order to have a chance to Crimea again became your, it is necessary to start at least yourself to believe it. And you don’t believe.

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