Moscow, November 6 — “Conduct. Economy” Companies are Facebook and Google doing the same thing and the national security Agency USA (NSA) — collected information about users ‘ privacy, thereby obtaining enormous power, said the former NSA employee Edward Snowden.

In 2013 Snowden made public information on how electronic surveillance of U.S. intelligence, including about the illegal wiretap of negotiations of foreign leaders. Since August 2014, Snowden lives in Russia, at home waiting for his trial for espionage and a long prison term. The American activist made a video on the technology conference Web Summit in Lisbon (Portugal).

Snowden said that Facebook aims to collect as much information as possible about the personal life of people, and then use it for enrichment. The same, in his opinion, deals and NSA. If this Snowden criticized and Google, noting that the firm collects data in the same way.

“At Facebook, there is no important reason to read your emails. Google there are no good reasons to know what the SMS you send to mom. The more these companies know about you, the more opportunities they have to study all your privacy that gives them enormous power,” commented Snowden.

“In all other sectors there are serious binding laws. If you release a drug that kills, then you will be in prison. If you generate a car, which burns and causes deaths, then you get sued and put in jail. However, we do not have any binding laws when it comes to software,” said Snowden.

However, Snowden believes that the users really do not care what happens to their personal data, but the problem lies in their attitude. “People are really worried about it very much. However, they feel helpless, and in order to live with it, they say to themselves: “I don’t care” — he stressed.

Snowden also gave a mixed assessment of recent attempts to restrict the use of big data technologies — “General regulations on data protection” (GDPR), which first entered into force in may 2018. This law sets strict requirements for the storage and use of data.

Regulators and privacy advocates called the legislation a victory for consumers who want more control over their personal data, especially after the sensational stories like Cambridge Analytica. The law includes key principles and requires companies to notify the authorities of any data breaches within 72 hours. For failure to comply with the principles imposed a fine in the amount from 10 million to 20 million euros or 2% to 4% of the annual turnover of the company.

The regulations valid on the territory of the EU, but the heads of teggiano believe that the same law GDPR should be adopted in the United States.

Many States are already developing their own version of the rules on personal data protection, while the head of the company and the policy in a hurry to find flaws in the present in Europe, the GDPR. “While lawmakers develop new privacy rules, I hope they will be able to answer some of the questions that remain open for GDPR,” — wrote the head of Facebook mark Zuckerberg in his blog in March.

Microsoft supported the appeals of Apple and other IT companies to adopt a similar law in the United States. Microsoft has introduced a protection level GDPR for all its customers, but believes that voluntary steps by the tech giants is not enough: we need a legislated rules at the country level.

99 GDPR contains separate articles, but chief among them are four requirements for companies that want to store and process the personal data: the existence of a specific and legitimate reasons for processing personal data should be encrypted, the user should be able to copy their data, users can request the deletion of their data.

Snowden called GDPR “good legislation from the point of view of effort,” but also said that the initiative overlooks the main problem caused by large technology companies. “General rules on data protection” does not eliminate this problem, which lies not in the protection, and the collection of data,” — said Snowden.

“The data protection regulation implies that data collection in the first place was legitimate, that he’s not a threat or danger that you can constantly spy on everyone, be it customers or citizens, provided that the data is never leaked,” continued the ex-NSA employee.

Snowden believes that the need to review approaches to the use of the Internet: “being Operated is not critical, but the people themselves”. Ex-special forces, said: people should not trust the browsers and providers.

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