Despite the latest development technologies, advanced search and personalized recommendations, the main factor of attractiveness of a particular video for a modern user is, as film, TV series or transfer is graphically presented in the schedules and catalogues of the content viewing platforms. A selection of spectacular pictures-screen savers — the key to the popularity of the videos.

In the first quarter of 2019, the company nScreenMedia with the support of the Gracenote conducted the audience survey paid, free and online TV in the UK, Germany and Sweden. The aim of the survey was to find out what influences the choice of the viewer of video content in light of the increasing due to the increase of the range of complexity and are constantly working on improving our search and recommendations.

It turned out that the guide remains the main tool for finding interesting content among the audience of paid and free traditional TV. Also, a significant part of the audience remains faithful to the traditional way of finding the channel switching. For example, in Sweden 67% of respondents prefer a graphical program guide built into the interface, and 57% rely on channel switching.

The online-TV audience relies on the EPG in the service interface. In Sweden, Germany and the UK around 40% of the respondents prefer the search tool. Less than 20% prefer the TV guide built into the interface used by the TV device.

But, the use of the digital programme guide can be tedious. The average European uses two or more of the service for home video, and the need to use them individually in the search of interesting content adds convenience to the viewer.

Modern device manufacturers are developing a cross-service system for searching content. This system is equipped with, for example, set-top box Amazon Fire TV, the most popular streaming player among telezritelei audience of the UK and Germany. Second in popularity in these countries the device (and the first in Sweden) — Apple TV — also used cross-service search. However, this function uses a very small part of the audience — one in ten respondents.

Providers of video services and device makers are also improving the system of personalized recommendations. They are two-thirds of respondents. However, Recommender systems do not always work effectively. In Sweden and Germany less than 20% of respondents reported that fully satisfied with the accuracy recommendations in the UK such 35%.

Thus, the best search tool for content on online platforms-TV a digital TV guides. And, as noted by many analysts, an important role is played by graphical flow of content in the interface of the program guide. More impressive than the picture, announcing a film or TV series, the higher the chance of viewing.

It said more than half of respondents in all three countries. In addition, three out of five respondents reported that they in the choice of content plays an important role in the description of the announcement.


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