In recent years, when digital environment has brought the world of new targeting capabilities and data management, personalized communications has taken a leading position. Marketers have become much easier to connect with your audience. One of the ways for this convergence — increase loyalty by creating a less generalized, truly personalized products.

According to research by Oracle Corporation, consumers are attracted to brands that are making additional efforts to provide personalized experience and improve customer service. Almost 20% of Millennials are willing to pay more for the experience and positive experience, while 68 percent of consumers believe that brands need to adapt to the tastes and preferences of the audience.

For example, in July of 2019 Nike launched a feature selection of comfortable shoes online Nike Fit. For a few seconds after scanning the user selected the suitable athletic shoes. The measurement was taken is also possible to store in the profile NikePlus for future purchases. According to the head of digital products Nike Michael Matina, such a step will enhance the credibility of the purchases and the brand, and will also help the company to create exactly what clients love.

Understanding your customers — what, how, and when they buy — helping business to increase loyalty. Today, this concept consists of emotional involvement, trust and ability to meet or exceed client expectations. Businesses need a constant profit, and it is guaranteed loyal customer.

When the waiter greets a regular customer in a cafe by the name — this is an example of personalization. However, Starbucks has stepped a little further. Because generation Z interacts with the world primarily via smartphone, the company introduced a convenient way of ordering drinks on the go. Special chat-bot gives you recommendations, estimating preferences allows you to make orders via voice Alexa Amazon or through the app MyBarista, and then notify the customer that the order is ready.

Exchange messages in chat rooms have also become an effective channel of communication between clients and companies. Thanks to social networks, consumers can freely Express their feelings on any content. Many brands have integrated messaging into Facebook Messenger, WeChat, WhatsApp and chats own applications in their campaigns. And although the technology we use to communicate have changed, the core values — no. Customers expect useful, more personal and empathetic interaction.

The only difference is that today such conversations happen instantly, and this is the power of conversion marketing.

Recent data from Forrester shows that emotions cannot be ignored. On the contrary — they are the key to increasing customer loyalty. Only on Facebook every day more than 60 million emoticons that Express six basic emotions: happiness, anger, disgust, sadness, fear and surprise. When advertising evokes emotions — she remembered. When used properly, it can become an incredibly powerful tool for the brand. This, by the way, I bought companies like Coca-Cola, Burger King, Durex and others.

A new feature of iOS 13 and iPadOS, which Apple introduced at the launch in June, allows you to create personalized Memoji. Now you can stand, for example, not only in the image of the animal or the alien, but to create the most unique iOS avatar. This lightweight, non-verbal signal can be used in many applications, creating new pictures and referring new members.

Previously Apple Music turned singer Ariana Grande in Memoji. So the company supported the singer before the Grammy music award. And Xiaomi even used Memoji to promote its own analog.

Regardless of whether a new solution to its niche in advertising and marketing communications? Definitely Yes. It’s only a matter of time.

If users will be able to be themselves and to respond to the personalized content Memoji, and the company, in turn, will create their heroes, — the connection with the products and the brand will be much stronger than ever.

People actively block direct advertising, so today to be replaced by personalized history. They are no less important to strengthen the emotional connection with the customer, although such integration requires a precise strategy and a detailed understanding of the target audience of the brand. And the vast majority of companies is committed to the study of consumer preferences became the main instrument and the driving force behind business transformation.

Every customer has individual needs and peculiarities of behavior that should be considered by company when developing stories, the choice of narrator and narrative platform. Today, storytelling needs to be concentrated on the basic parameters of modern marketing — engagement, integrity, creativity and reliability of the information. Only then history will be memorable and able to arouse emotions.

Many companies publish useful content that brings them the trust and loyalty of their customers. But the American company Wilton knows how to tell a really interesting story. They show that the baking process can be a fun and, most importantly, is simple, regardless of skill and level of training. The company creates individual content for each category of its customers, it offers value, and then recommendations for the product.

Today, it is important to focus on multi-sensory experiences. Through constant communication, technology and bringing the senses brands to create unforgettable experiences for consumers.

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