International ekoekspert Tatiana Shauro, a member of the “Climate network in the countries of Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia”, spoke about the development of new energy industries — renewable sources of energy, shared the statistics of renewable energy from different countries, and explained why this topic Russia should pay special attention. Read more in the material IA “Express news”.

As she said, in Russia there was a perception that “green” energy is something unattainable, reminiscent of a fairy tale or only available to very rich people. In fact this is absolutely wrong. Renewable energy is a necessary aspect of every state that cares about the environment.

Today the fossil fuel leads to global climate change, which has already attracted the attention of the world community. According to scientists, we should not allow rise in temperature of the planet more than one degree per year. Now, the rising temperature in Russia is already approaching half.

“Such use of the planet can lead to dire consequences,” — said Tatiana.

Especially appalling that the values are saved, despite falling prices for renewable sources. Over the past four years the cost of Solar electricity has decreased by 87%, making it affordable to almost everyone.

Many States have already declared the transition to renewable energy sources. Among them: Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Guatemala and others. It should be noted that most of the countries in the list are rather poor, however they are best aware of the need to protect the planet. In 2017 to the list also joined a number of American cities, which by 2050 are also planning to fully or partially switch to green energy.

Business representatives also did not stand aside. 188 large companies supported the idea of clean energy. These include: Apple, Ikea, Nestle, BMW and other famous brands.

In Russia, the situation is less optimistic. In our country, clean energy is just beginning to develop, but there are also positive examples. Ulyanovsk said that until 2020 to promote the use of windy energy by 30%.

At the end of the small lecture Tatiana Shauro once again drew attention to the fact, which can lead to indiscriminate use of land resources, and encouraged viewers to think about the environment until it was too late.

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