MADRID, 24 Jul. /TASS/. Apple is using a subcontracting enterprise employs workers who listen to voice commands of the users and their personal conversations. This was announced on Wednesday by the newspaper El Pais.

According to her, the company has employees in Spain, who listen to the recording in different languages, including French and German. According to sources of the newspaper, this is done to improve software for a digital voice assistant Siri. However, according to the publication, the analysis focuses not only direct requests of Siri, but private conversations of users.

Listening to records is via a subcontracted company. In turn, the company assured that “all products and services Apple is designed to ensure the security of personal information: only the user decides what and with whom to share”. Among the recordings which come into the custody of employees, secretly working for Apple is not only the search queries. Due to errors in the system which lead to incorrect startup of the microphone, on the recording you can hear people talking.

According to the publication, the vast majority of the records begins with the command that launches Siri.

“There were projects that needed more to analyze the quality of the sound: well if it was heard, was understood the user’s query, was there any talk in the background”, — the newspaper quoted former employees of the company. However, in addition to these projects, which are aimed at the quality of the record itself, there were many others, during which the interest was exactly what was said.

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