Russian Association of electronics manufacturers (RATEK), representing Apple, Samsung, Google, HP, Dell, Huawei and other manufacturers of electronics, has asked the FAS to introduce a mandatory pre-Russian apps on smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers. It follows from the letter of the Association addressed to head FAS Igor Artemyev (a copy is in the RNS).

“The concept (of the bill on the introduction of domestic PE. — RNS) unreasonably proposes the introduction of control measures of high-tech and highly competitive market of mobile apps, which will adversely affect its development and will not only create conditions for development of competition in the market
applications for custom hardware but on the contrary — will slow down its development. We ask the FAS to abandon the idea of reference of the proposed regulatory measures and to come up with an initiative to exclude from the Plan of measures (“roadmap”) for the development of competition in sectors of the economy of the Russian Federation for 2018 — 2020, paragraphs 6 and 7 of section 7″, the letter reads.

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