Cult of Mac have collected data from different sources and found that over the past year, Apple has poached a lot of Tesla employees. This may be one reason for the financial failure of the company Ilona Mask.

According to LinkedIn statistics, since the end of the 2017 46 former employees of Tesla joined Apple. Among them are production workers, safety engineers, software developers, experienced purchasing officers and other highly qualified specialists. The most remarkable figure of the former Vice President at Tesla engineering Doug field, who returned to Apple, where he worked until leaving in a car company.

From the point of view of employees, work in the Apple is much more attractive. The market value of the Corporation exceeded one trillion dollars. At the same time, the stock experts JP Morgan predicting a decline in the price of Tesla stock from $ 320 to $ 195 by the end of 2018. For the second quarter of this year, the company Elon musk has lost almost $ 700 million.

The founder of Tesla, gave an emotional interview to CNBC in which he emphasized the gap between his organization and Apple and explained the reasons for the layoffs:

“We wish them success. Tesla is the hard way. We have 100 times less money than the Apple, so of course, they can afford to pay more. We are in a very difficult battle with entrenched auto companies to make 100 times more cars than last year, and of course it’s very hard work.

We don’t even have money for advertising, loyalty programs or discounts, so we have to survive only due to the quality of our products.

However, we believe in its mission and that it is worth the time, in spite of the endless stream of negativity from those who wish us harm. All continues. The world should move to sustainable energy and he should do it now.”


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