World famous entrepreneur-innovator Elon Musk said he was willing to make available to everyone the patents owned by the company-the manufacturer of electric Tesla.

Explaining his “non-profit” decision, the businessman said he did not believe in patent protection, advantages that can be only giant corporations and patent lawyers. The Tesla patents will be available without compensation and royalties. The company would not initiate lawsuits against anyone who is going to use its technology.

In a statement, Elon musk also said his company not only thinks about saving the world, but also makes all possible efforts for development of technologies of electric vehicles, therefore, hoped that the transfer of patents to free use of Tesla will encourage other businesses to disclose their patents, thus contributing to the development and proliferation of their technologies.

The move Elon musk has occurred on the backdrop of the arrest of a Chinese Apple employee named Zizhong Chen (Chen Jizhong), who was accused in the fact that was going to give self-driving car of the Chinese Corporation Xiaopeng Automobile.

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