It seems the founder of Tesla and SpaceX has another crazy idea. He wants to turn the touch screen Tesla in video games – reports Business Insider.

“If you are developing a video game, think about how you can run them in Tesla”, – about his idea, the entrepreneur, as usual, spoke out on Twitter. “We want to make super fun games that will unite the Central touchscreen, smartphone and car.”

While it remains unclear how Elon is going to implement the idea. But many of his fans took the idea very rosy:

“An interactive game between Tesla owners that are next to each other, would be incredible,” replied the Mask on Twitter his subscriber.

Presumably, the game will only work when the car is standing still. Of course, it can be meant for passengers, but it’s hard to imagine how huge touch screen display will not distract the driver from the road.

And yet in the upcoming update FOR Tesla should receive the support of Atari games such as Missile Command, Tempest and Pole Position. They can play until the machine is stationary.


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