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Quite often, the subscribers of any Russian operators complain that their accounts there are incorrect or accidental cheating. Most often the money goes to the wrong fare calculation or connecting with paid services without user confirmation. And in most cases, the Russians did not respond to such cancellation. However, to return the erroneously spent money-this was told by the employee of MTS.

One of the MTS has complained that his account was charged money for a disabled rate. As a result, his account had only one ruble. The caller told about his unpleasant case on the Internet, where he said the employee of MTS.

According to the employee of MTS, for such wrong of cheating to get the money back. For this you need to go to a special page of the website operator and to describe in detail the situation occurred. MTS, like other operators, taking such cases and decide them fairly quickly.

It is noteworthy that joined the discussion and one former employee of MTS. He also confirmed that these kinds of problems are solved by writing a complaint. “The money is returned in 99% of cases,” — said former employee of the operator. He also noted that sometimes the operator may return the money, even if they were written off as the fault of the subscriber.

“What to do? Go to MTS and to write a complaint. The money will return. In 99% return. I as a former employee say. There are at the fault of the subscriber to return, for example, if he had not read the terms of service”.

So, if your account is accidentally or mistakenly debited the money, be sure to try to challenge the cancellation. With high probability you will be able to return the money to the account.

Source: Pikabu.


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