Employees at Apple stores specially wind the prices on remontoitu that Apple often limits authorized services in the possibility of self-repair, to control the company’s pricing policy in this part is very difficult.

Canadian TV channel CBC News spent the whole investigation in which course it was found out that representatives of the Department Genius Bar specially wind the price for the repair. Staff just convince the client that the damage of a particular gadget significantly more than expected.

Of course, for the elimination of “complex” fault we have to pay more. In the experiment, the journalists CBC News brought the laptop for repair. And then spent an independent examination by contacting shop Louis Louismann.

The difference in price for the repairs is impressive.

Authorized service center, the Genius Bar. The guys warned the journalist CBC News that repairs will be costly. First, the MacBook Pro exposed to water. So have I all damaged items, including top case and motherboard. Secondly, you will need to replace the display.

All together valued at $1280 + $780 = $2060.

Independent workshop Louis Louismann. Representatives of the service center denied any contact with liquid. And the problem with the device suggested to eliminated by replacing the loop display.

The price may not exceed $150. And, considering that this is a design fault of the laptop repair had to perform free of charge under warranty in the authorized service of Apple.

The difference is almost $2 000. How then to trust the representatives of the Genius Bar is a mystery. A report by CBC News Apple has not yet commented on.

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