In the network appeared the drawings, which may reflect how it will look new iPhone XI — it is believed that they could “merge” the workers of the company Foxconn which is a manufacturing partner of Apple. If you believe the image, the next iPhone will indeed get three cameras are to be inscribed in a square with the opposite side of the device.

Triple camera in the square

According to rumors, Apple is working on another series of three iPhone models that will be presented at the presentation in the fall of 2019. Yesterday in the Internet appeared the drawing of a certain device, which may be the new iPhone, which is the code name of iPhone XI (11).

Originally the image was published laobaiTD account that previously posted photos of prototypes of the actual iPhone. This tweet was signed simply “the new iPhone XR”. However, taking into consideration the previous rumors and renderings of future iPhones, the iPhone drawing more in line with XI, which is to get three cameras on the back side of the case.

Alleged iPhone 11/XI Leaks…
(Source:— Jobsworth (@AppleJobsworth) ٢٨ مارس ٢٠١٩

Earlier it was reported that the camera will be recessed into a peculiar convex square base with rounded edges. In the drawing it is seen that in the upper left corner of the device on the reverse side there are five holes — they probably designed just for the three cameras, flash, and microphone.

In late January, Bloomberg, citing sources informed about what
the new iPhone, or at least the premium model 2020, will get a 3D camera, which will allow owners of the gadget to more actively use the technology of augmented reality (AR).

The range of this technology will increase significantly relative to the 3D camera, which is already present in modern models of the iPhone.

The fact that the new camera is the projection system points will be installed a laser scanner that can operate successfully over longer distances. This is just one of the new features planned for the iPhones, which will be released in 2020.

As for 2019, analysts expect the release of the successors to the iPhone XS iPhone XS Max and an updated version of the iPhone XR.

The largest of the three the gadget will receive triple the camera, the source said. It is possible that such a camera will be presented in the more budget models — more accurate information will appear closer to September.

In addition, it is reported that Apple is going to replace the Lightning port to USB-C. This will allow you to charge Apple device using a wide range of chargers, including those designed for smartphones based on Android.

Promised two years wait

Despite the grandiose plans from Apple about its most famous product — the iPhone, the questions remain whether the “Apple” smartphone to regain its former popularity.

Sources say to expect something breakthrough from iPhones 2019 is not necessary — we know that Apple will focus on improving older features, which means the new iPhone will closely resemble last year’s.

The output is really a breakthrough gadget from Apple is scheduled for 2020 — it is expected that by that time in some regions of the world are already deployed networks of the fifth generation (5G).

Nevertheless, over the two years the financial position of the Apple can vary significantly.

At the end of January Apple published its quarterly report, which talked about falling sales of iPhones by 15% during the Christmas period. This is the worst rate over the last ten years.

Chief financial officer Apple Luca Maestri suggests that the negative trend will continue in the second quarter. It is expected that the total amount of income in the next reporting period will be reduced by $6 billion, or 10% on the previous year.

These problems arose in the company on the background of the fact that the demand for iPhones has fallen worldwide, especially in China.

This week, the drop in interest in Apple products commented legendary former Manager of the company guy Kawasaki, who worked on the brand Steve jobs in the 90-ies. According to him, Apple has long ceased to surprise.

“What is the innovation Apple? I want a product that touched the strings of my soul. Something that would make me as a fool to stand in line at the Apple store the night before the start of sales. Now people are not in these lines,” said Kawasaki.

According to him, Apple fell into his own trap, with his too high expectations, to overcome which now. Now companies have to rethink their strategy, betting on services, not on gadgets, but whether this tactic is successful in the long term, can’t say no.

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