Incompetence or a nervous breakdown? In the United States are once again looking for the hidden meaning in the reservations of the President. This time trump is confused businessman with the Corporation and named Tim cook — Apple. Grounds for concern the President really a lot. In the coming hours, the Virginia court will issue a verdict to the former adviser to trump Manufactu — he faces up to 25 years in prison. A former lawyer Michael Cohen has already given Congress a compromising.

The former lawyer for Donald trump Michael Cohen has to go to Congress as a job. To give a show against his former boss. Called the fourth time. Now everything took place behind closed doors. Questioned the intelligence Committee.

“The hearings went very well. I think the member of Congress is satisfied with my answers. I said if they need any additional information, they can at any time to contact me,” said Cohen.

Additional information the Democrats need. Moreover, Cohen — after he was caught on personal financial frauds — so dramatically transformed from a consistent defender of the trump in its ardent critic. And in the end became a character in a Comedy show.

Democrats now firmly took over the business Empire of trump trying to find questionable transactions almost in its history in the construction business. The Statute of limitations does not interest anyone.

“Understand, it creates a precedent. If we do not hold impeachment proceedings, trump won’t be the last Director General, who is running for the U.S. presidency and who gets away with everything,” says Rashid Tlaib, a member of the house of representatives of the Congress of the United States.

In the end, the number of witnesses may be more than a hundred people and organizations. The first group has already received a kind of “letters of happiness” from the legal Committee of the lower house of Congress with questions about trump.

“81 the person or organization received the letter. It’s a shame for the country. Democrats started their campaign against me for two and a half years ago. People understand it and say that it is an insult to the President. But I’m fine,” said Donald trump.

He relies on his successes in the economy and draws on his side of the largest American corporations. At the meeting on the right hand of the President is the head of Apple Tim cook, whom trump appreciates because of his position. So mixed up and instead of his name said the name of the Corporation.

“You are very invested in our country. We really appreciate it, Tim Apple!”

To the left of President trump was sitting in his assistant’s daughter Ivanka. She and her husband Jared Kushner are also found in the investigation of the Democrats — there have been reports that access to state secrets for relatives of Donald trump could push.

For all kinds of investigation took several committees of the lower house of Congress, where Democrats have the majority. But the most important part of the attack, those dozens of letters sent by the legal Committee. After all, if impeachment starts, it will start there.

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