In the Theater. Steve jobs held a presentation of the 4th generation of “smart” watches Apple Watch. The novelty has experienced the largest in three years update: Series 4 got the screen from edge to edge and the electrocardiogram sensor. The height of the housing was increased to 40 and 44 mm (formerly 38 and 42 mm) and the display area is 30-35%.

Grew up useful area allows you to place the screen more widgets complications. To the new operating system watch OS 5, for example, included a dial that displays temperature, stopwatch, weather forecast, ring activity, date, music, calendar and even the UV index.

The basis of the machine lay improved 64-bit processor S4 with two cores. He works “up to two times faster,” the company said. The “digital crown” — a dial on the side of hours — has been redesigned from scratch and now has tactile feedback.

The updated gyroscope and accelerometer, Apple Watch Series 4 can recognize the free fall and automatically make a call to emergency services. The battery life has not changed much — the battery will last up to 18 hours.

One of the most significant innovations was the new sensor an electrocardiogram, and built-in “back”. Thanks to him, the device is now not just measuring heart rate, but also provides comprehensive diagnosis of heart rhythm disorders.

ECG-sensor allows the device to recognize abnormal heart rhythm, atrial fibrillation and other abnormalities at the earliest stages.

On recording a full electrocardiogram takes about 30 seconds, after which all data is transferred automatically to the Health app on iOS. Measurements in the form of a PDF file can be immediately directed to the transcript of the doctor.

The new sensor, said Apple is certified by the Office for quality control of foodstuff and medicines (FDA). This means that in the US, the smart watch can officially be used as a medical device.

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Pre-orders for the Apple Watch Series 4 opens this Friday, September 14. Deliveries will begin on September 21. The price of the model with the GPS will start with $399, with support for LTE-networks — from $499. The previous generation smart watch, the Apple Watch Series 3, estimated at $279.

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