Monday, the Chinese company Xiaomi nacial the sale of Smart TVs in Russia. It promises cheap and quality products, not worse than those of competitors.

Xiaomi today is, as they say, “not only valuable fur”. The company lei Jun, worthy, and the first dozen, managed to produce not only a range of smartphones, laptops and items for the smart home, but also their own pens, glasses and even a screwdriver. What can we say about electric scooters that Russian customers can now buy from official Resellers. The queue for the latest TVs, which is officially in Russia is not yet sold. For the largest 55-inch MI TV Xiaomi will ask the Russians 30 thousand rubles. A good deal, according to the blogger Vilscom Valentin Petukhov.

Valentin Petukhov blogger Visacom “Apparently the company is considering our market as a full, interesting and goes out, including TVs. I think this is not all the gadgets that will appear in the near future. As for the TVs, they are quite competitive product, and interesting characteristics, and price. I think that in the first place they will try to “break in” to stores and home buyers. Xiaomi brand is known, people understand it, you know. They offer slightly higher quality than the costs for their goods. I think they will be in demand. In principle, it has always been a certain strategy. The same thing you can buy, but only a little cheaper.”

You can add the fact that the founder of the company lei Jun has long been called Chinese jobs for almost indistinguishable from the Apple design, which the manufacturer in General, and not shy. It’s already brought success to the MI series smartphones. For example, the flagship Mi 9, whose Lite version is even called as the IPhone — SE. Anyway, the company products have already occupied a strong position on the Russian market of smartphones, taking away piece of pie from Samsung and Apple. But the TV may fail, says a leading program “Sum of technologies” on Business FM Denis Samsonov.

Denis Samsonov, host of “Sum of technologies” on Business FM “I would not say that the techniques that demonstrates Xiaomi in the smartphone market is possible in a formal way is easy to take and move into the market of TV sets. Just because the TV market is more conservative, it is decide by other people. Maybe take them out not a lot of other considerations. Until we see what Xiaomi rests on not a high price, and they boil down to a set of characteristics which they believe should produce the impression on the consumer. However, they did not pedal in their communications, for example, on what the matrix is, what her lighting. In the broad market it is unlikely that this mark will take some meaningful share. This is my forecast”.

But, on the other hand, the Chinese company SmartTV its main product and did not believe. Sales and profits are certainly important, but the main thing that a TV is another important element of the universe Xiaomi, and it is rather big. Fans use the company Xiaomi -column, smartphone, smart bracelet. The list can be long. Let me just say that if suddenly it rains, the drops from lovers of the brand will save Xiaomi-umbrella.

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