Collector-enthusiast Stephen Hackett over the years has worked to create a library of 502 1 screenshots of different versions of macOS X since the first beta.

Stephen Hackett is the co-founder of Relay FM and wrote articles for various websites and is a longtime Apple fan (Relay FM is an independent network that broadcasts podcasts for creative people).

Over the years he has launched various version of Mac OS X on computers of their collection, without using a virtual machine.

He started to run macOS X Public Beta on an original Power Mac G4, used Mac mini, and various versions of the MacBook Pro.

“From version to version, I have noted important features in the updates and taking screenshots” – says the author.

macOS Public Beta

macOS Snow Leopard

macOS High Sierra

Stephen Hackett has published a library called “Aqua Screenshot Library” on its website

In the name of the website is also a hidden reference to the first computer company Apple. Diagonal display Macintosh was 512 pixels, providing a resolution of 72 dots per inch. Due to the graphical interface of Mac computers today are what we used to see them.

Now the library lacks only macOS Mojave, but the author promises to add screenshots of the new OS after its official release.


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