The error shows that caller person can see and hear your caller even before he “picked up”. For some unknown reason the smartphone to which the call comes, automatically starts the broadcast with a microphone and front-facing camera.

However, the failure manifests itself only during group calls. If two people are already connected and want to add to the conversation a third person, that it was his iPhone or iPad will give guts his owner and the picture will show, and the sound will play. The recipient will never know about it — no notification that the stream is already underway, the smartphone is not showing. If one person calls the other by video link, the error does not occur.

Apple aware of the issue and has temporarily disabled group calls in FaceTime. Therefore, to eavesdrop and Snoop on other will not succeed. The company promised that before the end of the week will release an update for smartphones and computers, which will eliminate unpleasant crash.

However, the Internet has already widely discussed the problem and did Apple accused of negligence in the security of user information. Especially cheering fans Android.

Android also hardly be called a system, is protected from error. Reported vulnerabilities in OSes from Google appear almost as often than information about the bugs in iOS. In August 2018, the company Kryptowire told about “holes” in smartphones, LG, Asus, ZTE, Nokia, Alcatel. Error allowed to intercept messages and calls, obtain contact information. In addition, there are cases when cheap Android smartphones straight from the factory were installed and malware that collect information and send it to unknown servers.

To avoid becoming a victim of wiretapping, the owners of “androids” can be recommended to put apps only from the official Google Play store. In the case of Apple catching the virus almost impossible, but goof maybe the company itself — as in this case. And here is to wait — typically, the correction of such errors takes a few days.

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