American Hacker Geohot, in the world known as George Hotz (George Hotz), known worldwide as cracker iPhone and the developer of autopilot for cars In addition to this talented programmer is famous for its unusual ideas, which he gladly shares with others. Recently, during the SXSW conference, Geohot said that the world around us is a quality simulation.

In his brief statement, Hotz said that he believes the world is only qualitative program-simulator, created by a higher extraterrestrial intelligence or artificial intelligence that is so perfect that cannot be grasped by the human brain. George admitted that this thought gives him no peace for a long time.

His performance the 29-year-old programmer and businessman called “Escape from simulation”. According to the theory known as the “simulation hypothesis” not just planet Earth and the Solar system but the whole universe is a computer simulation, like high-quality computer games. The program can show both fun and scientific experiment of the higher mind.

That the world is governed by artificial intelligence, believed by many, including the Creator of Tesla and SpaceX Elon Musk and the philosopher and transhumanist Nick Bostrom. George Hotz has not previously talked about its support of this theory, but, as you can see, he also joined the “simulyatorom”.

“There is no evidence that this is not so. It is easy to imagine beings that are much smarter than us and can build us a prison, whose existence we do not even suspect”.

Hotz became famous at the age of 17, after breaking the iPhone and gave the opportunity to millions of users of Apple gadgets to connect to any networks not just AT&T. Also the hacker was hacked a Sony PlayStation 3, after which it filed in court. The question, fortunately we managed to solve in a peaceful way.

After the story with the prefix George worked at Facebook, Google and Vicarious, and then, in 2015, he founded his own start-up Development of automotive autopilot was in full swing, but it had to be abandoned after a letter to the U.S. Department of transportation, in which the examiners questioned the safety of the product.

Hacker is a regular at the SXSW conference, which expresses the craziest ideas, shocking the audience and members of the press. For example, in 2016, Hotz said that he was going in one fell swoop to do away with capitalism. In his speech he drew attention to the fact that the essence of any business is to maximize profits, and any company or goes bust or is sold. According to George, it takes business sense.

This time the hacker talked about the theory of simulation, drew Parallels between magic and programming, but also describes the ways in which I would like to die. In addition, Hotz announced his desire to create a new religion, in the churches which will preach escape from the simulation. George believes that the singularity is close and people would do well to join together and to think about how to get out of virtual prison. The performance of eccentric hacker, which is not all taken seriously, as always appreciated by the audience and journalists.

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Source: Seldon News

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