Last year, the popular cable sports network has begun to place premium content on the streaming platform, ESPN+, and now use the free mobile app to attract new subscribers. The application began to appear collections of content ESPN+ for a free preview and is exclusive products of the channel, the type of which chooses according to his preferences, the user — exclusive articles, documentaries, serials, audio and video overviews, statistical tables. Also through the app actively promote the UFC for the views which users make a one-time cost.

“We realized that sports fans need to ease the process of selection of the type of content for which they will pay — and added a variety of study options,” — said Vice-President for digital products ESPN Jarrod Schwartz.

According to Comscore, in the first half of 2019 mobile ESPN app used on average 18 million users every month — that’s 20% more than last year and 40% more than 2 years ago. This is an impressive statistic — in the most popular sports resource Bleacher Report, who also applies the strategy of audience engagement via the app per month only 5 million unique users.

The success of the ESPN app due to the ease of use and a sound system personalization. For example, the application sends notifications about the results of the games and important events, without requiring you to create a user account ESPN. The application has a lot of personalization settings (and use them 80% of the set), the average user chooses 11 teams or sports leagues, with the news that he wants to follow.

ESPN has uses the personalization system and applications audience, composed mainly of the viewers of the channel, push notifications are more efficient for conversion to pay per view content ESPN+. For the first year ESPN+ spent 12 thousand direct streaming broadcasts.

ESPN carefully study the behavior and interests of the audience across all platforms to intelligently promote content on ESPN+. Recommendations picks up not only the artificial intelligence by automating their results on the statistics of a user, marketers of the company is very creative in the development of exclusive content. For example, during the world Championship on football among women ESPN+ attracted a lot of audience by placing a lot of additional content dedicated to the American women’s team.

In February the company Disney, which owns ESPN, reported that the number of subscribers ESPN+ has reached 2 million In ESPN did not report how many subscribers were able to attract thanks to the mobile app, but third-party analysts believe that this consistently high percentage and millions in monthly revenue.

In the last 2 months of revenue growth obtained through the app, became more intense after ESPN informed the users that it has become the exclusive digital distributor of UFC tournaments in the United States. According to analysts ‘ estimates of SensorTower in June obtained by the application of revenues amounted to approximately $6 million According to experts from Apptopia — $3.7 million net of fees Google and Apple. Representatives of ESPN called infidels of the amount counted by both companies, but declined to give vyruchku own data.

Media companies selling content via subscription or other paid product, use different advertising and pricing strategies, and different cost options promoted through its own media — one based on the results of research and theory, marketers, and others trust the taste and logic of content curators. Platform ESPN+ started work recently and, trying not to scare the user interacts with the audience quite unobtrusive.

The CEO of Maz Paul Canetti Systems believes that with the popularity of ESPN+ app will actively promote paid content, integrating it to the free app: “it Seems that ESPN is deliberately waiting and are not attracted until then, attention to its paid platform, testing the behavior of a growing audience.”

SOURCE: Digiday

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