Citizens of EU countries who are resident in the UK, found itself in an uncertain state because of Brexit, according to Financial Times. According to the newspaper, people need to apply to confirm their right to reside in the country, established by the government deadline. UK authorities propose to do this through a special application, but there is a problem: for the iPhone it is still not ready. While Apple devices have almost half of the population.

The problem potentially affects hundreds of thousands of people, according to the newspaper. At the same time, clarifies the issue, for them, there are two ways in which they can prove their identity and submit an application: they can borrow a smartphone on Android and use the app EU Exit on it, or go to the post office.

The interior Ministry did not comment on when it’s ready the app for the iPhone, but noted that it will be “later this year”, said the Financial Times. Operators “a hot line” also could not confirm that the program for Apple devices will be available until October 31. On this day, according to the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, the country should leave the European Union — agreement with Brussels or not. At the moment the application is successfully submitted, only a little more than 1 million of the 3.6 million eligible, from the data of the Ministry of interior.

The authorities give conflicting information about when will expire period of free movement between the UK and EU countries. On 19 August, the representative of the Prime Minister stated that he will end on 31 October with the release of the country from the EU. However, the interior Ministry later clarified that the EU citizens and their family members can stay in the UK before the deadline, which is still considered December 2020. However, the interior Ministry did not specify how people will be able to prove their right to stay in the country unless they have applied for its confirmation, the FT notes.

After the statement of the Prime Minister’s office the number of applicants to quickly apply for confirmation of the right to reside in the UK rose sharply and led to failures in the application and a large influx of users in the website who had to wait more than an hour indicates the Financial Times. “The system was not designed to accept thousands of applications at the same time,” explained the FT partner of the law firm Fragomen Julie Oslo-Cole.

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