Faulty computer from Apple is always a headache for the owner. Specialists from iFixit traditionally has decided to find out how “painful” it will be the users of the recently released 16-inch MacBook Pro.

Especially experts interested in the new mechanism of the keys, since Apple said that “butterfly” is gone. As it turned out, the company didn’t lie about the keyboard in the new MacBook is almost identical to the one that was used in older models. That is, it applied the scissor mechanism.

Recall the “butterfly” turned out to be a bad decision for Apple, as keyboard of this type is rather unreliable. At the end of 2017 has raised a wave of complaints about the keyboard the actual MacBook then. In 2018, the company announced the replacement program.

How to write the specialists of iFixit, the clips that attach the key to the mechanism of the MacBook Pro 2019, seem quite durable. This ensures that users can safely remove keys during cleaning or repair.

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