NASA is preparing the lunar soil

The us space Agency has decided to prepare for prospective manned missions to the moon in 2024 under the program “Artemis”. NASA has selected 12 research projects for the study of Earth’s satellite, planned to be implemented in 2021. Seven of them dedicated to answering questions in the areas of planetary and solar physics. The remaining five testing the latest technologies such as indifferent to the radiation of computers.

The nature of the projects demonstrates the seriousness of NASA in relation to the upcoming lunar expansion: Americans expect not just to fly, but seriously to settle on the moon. In particular, the Rover MoonRanger will create a three-dimensional map of the landscape in the area of landing and demonstrate new possibilities in the field of distant communication. System cameras Heimdall will allow to better understand the geological features of the moon and the properties of the regolith. These and other projects will be of great help for the colonization of earth’s satellite (which NASA does not speak aloud), and the subsequent transition to a closer exploration of Mars (this is said in the press release directly).

Also during the week have successfully tested engines of the emergency rescue system of the crew of the spaceship Orion. Its unmanned launch into orbit of the moon in the framework of the “Artemis” has been planned for next year. As a private Corporation, Blue Origin, with which the programme cooperates NASA successfully conducted bench tests of the engine VE‑7 for reentry of the lunar module Blue Moon.

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The Arabs changed the oil in the sun

In the United Arab Emirates launched the largest solar power plant (SPP) — Noor Abu Dhabi. 3.2 million solar panels in the amount of issue to 1.18 Gigawatts of electricity, which, according to the owner of the station, Emirate Water and Electricity Company, will provide electricity to 90,000 people. This will reduce carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere at 1 million tonnes — as if from the road removed 200 000 gasoline vehicles. Obviously, one of the largest oil producing countries in the world is not just an image project, but also a serious investment in the future, when the demand for hydrocarbons will decline.

By the way, the other “oil power” — Russia — for several years, plans to launch SES “Vladyslavivka”, located in the Republic of Crimea. Its power shall be 110 KW, i.e. 10 times less than the Noor of Abu Dhabi and only slightly more than the current Crimean SES Perovo capacity of 105 KW. Only in Russia there are over 30 existing and upcoming launch of solar power plants whose total capacity barely exceeds the capacity of Noor Abu Dhabi.

One loss Apple

Jony Ive, Apple design chief, is leaving the company after 27 years. It will open a design Studio LoveFrom (“Clubbut”), the first client which will be all the same Apple. This news gave rise to many conjectures. Wall Street Journal published a report where change is called mutual dissatisfaction with Quince and Apple, and also the fact that the designer have not been involved in the development of company’s products. Tim cook, usually not reacting to statements to the media, this time could not hold back, calling it “absurd.”

Care Quince Apple will entail consequences for the entire market. For several decades, “Apple” the company has been a trendsetter for many manufacturers of consumer electronics. The first iMac defined the appearance of computers‑monoblocks, iPod players, iPhone smartphones, iPad tablets. X iPhone brought to the world of smartphones cutout in the top of the display with a very thin frame. All these devices were designed personally by Aviom or under its direction.

Obviously, with the change of Apple’s design chief will be farther away from the canons established by the founder Steve jobs, whose associate and close friend was Ive. Having lost one of the best specialists, the company probably will gradually lose its former influence on the electronics market (which is waning in recent years). There is a small chance that, having gathered fresh forces, Apple will be able to offer something fundamentally new and breakthrough. It promises an CEO Tim cook, but believe, alas, with difficulty.

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5G speeds up the life

In Shanghai, the exhibition of mobile electronics MWC Shanghai 2019. Main topic was the relationship of the new generation of 5G, and the headliner was made by Huawei, one of the leading suppliers of telecommunications equipment in the world. Representatives of the company assured that the ongoing altercation with the United States government will not beat Huawei of 5G-race, whose goal is “to build a fully connected and intelligent world”. At the moment the company has already agreed with 50 operators worldwide and has shipped more than 150,000 new generation stations.

Much has been said about the technologies that will rapidly evolve in the world with the networks of the fifth generation. Ultra-fast data transfers implied as a matter of course. China Telecom has demonstrated a live streaming broadcast video ultra-high quality 8-To from Shanghai to Beijing, and Lenovo again showed its 5G-laptop mobile processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 8cx.

The company Vivo told about a possible increase of interest in augmented reality technology and showed a prototype of AR glasses, which should go on sale in 2020. it is Expected breakthrough in the field of robotics: China Mobile and ZTE have shown robots, instantly repeating the actions are synchronized through 5G operators. This technology will allow, for example, to improve the safety and efficiency of search and rescue operations.

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Virtual procedures

In Los Angeles an unusual massage parlor Esqapes Immersive Relaxation Center. Using a special headset, the customer is immersed in one of the 10 environments of virtual reality (VR), for example, on the shore of the ocean or in a cozy room with a fireplace. Real massage also replaced the mechanical — stretch your tired muscles will not a man, and a relaxing chair. His actions can be synchronized with VR images: image will attempt to convince the client that the massage makes him a real man, to choose a man or a woman.

Esqapes Immersive Relaxation Center — the world’s first virtual massage salon and another attempt to popularize virtual reality technology. Today they are often found in video games. But there are useful applications — for example, the creation of VR environments for rehabilitation of motor functions in people with disabilities or ongoing long-term rehabilitation.


About 1,000 computers, illegally generating cryptocurrency bitcoin, discovered in the province of Yazd in Iran. The attention of the authorities was attracted by the growth of electricity consumption in the district by 7%. The reason was the work of two cryptoform in an abandoned factory. In 2018 the Central Bank cryptocurrency is prohibited.

3 of 60 satellites SpaceX Starlink stopped working after a month after the launch into orbit of the Earth. The company is in no hurry to disclose the reasons: the situation requires a detailed investigation. According to SpaceX engineers, upon completion of the operation all satellites (planned for 12,000) descend from orbit and burn up in the atmosphere.

40 years of the legendary cassette player Sony Walkman TPS-L2. 1 July 1979 it went on sale and changed the market for portable music electronics. It was he who gave the opportunity to listen to music on the road not through boomboxes or portable radioprogramas, and through headphones.

18‑second track recorded was a German composer HANZ Zimmer for the concept car BMW Vision M NEXT. The author of the soundtrack to the film “blade Runner 2049” created the sound of the acceleration of the electric vehicle, which conveys a sense of a futuristic and elitism. Will there be cars for sale and exactly when is unknown.

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