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Kama automobile plant and OAO “Vympelcom” (the owner of the brand “Beeline”) signed an agreement on the introduction into the trucks model K5 on-Board information system (BIS). It is designed for remote control of the vehicle (location, fuel level, status of sensors), as well as the driver’s connection to the Network and multimedia services. According to the developers, it will allow a 20% increase in efficiency of the fleet by reducing fuel costs, evaluation of vehicle parameters and driving, and logistics optimization. BIS — an example implementation of Connected Car technology, that is, the introduction of digital capabilities and the “Internet of things” in the vehicle. In the short term, the development of “Beeline” does not imply the equipment of cars with autopilot. The next stage of development BIS connection to the networks of all electronic components of the machine. This will allow vehicles to communicate with each other and with the infrastructure, thereby improving safety on the roads. In “VimpelCom” expect the release of 80 000 vehicles with BIS until the end of 2020.

New supercomputer for Russia

Sberbank jointly with the American company Nvidia has launched a high-performance computer Christofari. According to representatives of Bank, it is the 29th largest supercomputer is seventh in Europe and first in Russia. Its capacity is 6.7 petaflops (6700 trillion floating point operations per second) that surpass the computers of Moscow state University “Lomonosov‑2” (2.48 in the petaflops) and Roshydromet SSAU XC40‑LC (1.2 petaflops). Christofari already in operation, it is used to automate call center, primarily speech recognition and speech synthesis. Sberbank’s management expects that the machine will accelerate the development and implementation of digital solutions based on artificial intelligence technology. Specializing in company VisionLabs, the investor is Sberbank, estimates the increase in efficiency in face detection in several orders of magnitude. If now the electronics company is able to analyze up to 68 simultaneous video streams, then Christofari capable of processing up to 15,000 concurrent streams. Sberbank also plans to sell computing power to other companies on December 12, 2019.

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Windows in the fall update

Microsoft has released an update for Windows 10: November 2019 Update. And the company of bill gates switched to a new method of updates: from now on spring in the OS there will be new functions and to adapt the interface and the autumn releases will be devoted to issues of security and stability. Thus, the key change for users is expected in six months. However, a few of the visible innovations brought and the current update. Microsoft made more flexible to configure and work with notifications: you can now set the number of simultaneous on the screen to disable notifications from specific programs. On the “start” button no need to press, it is enough to hold it on the cursor. From the task pane, you can add events to the calendar. Search folders, consider cloud storage Microsoft OneDrive. The system already provides users with automatically updated in some regions, but anyone can do it manually through the settings menu.

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Facebook got to the wallets

The most common social network in the world launched a payment system Facebook Pay, which will be integrated in the main products of the company — even Facebook (with Messenger app), Instagram and WhatsApp. The service is intended for money transfers between users, make purchases in games and applications within the social network, and in the long term — for payment of third-party applications, online and offline stores. Facebook Pay is not associated with cryptocurrency Libra, presented earlier this year, the service works on the basis of the traditional banking system. In 2019, a similar service launched by Apple. The largest Russian social network “Vkontakte” together with Gazprombank introduced the VK Pay more in the summer of 2018. Earlier this month, Facebook introduced an updated logo of a social network, in the future it will appear in the company’s services Instagram and WhatsApp. The connection of the common payment service will further integrate Facebook products in a single ecosystem. Experts have suggested that such steps lead to a serious confrontation with the competition authorities in the U.S. and other countries.

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In search of the miracle battery

Scientists from the SKOLKOVO Institute of science and technology published in scientific journals several articles on the establishment of batteries on the basis of common chemical elements — sodium and potassium. In experimental conditions they are able to achieve the same efficiency and stability as batteries based on lithium, and in some cases higher. Cell potassium and the sodium battery can be charged for 30-60 seconds and keep a large amount of capacity (to 89%) after several thousand cycles of charge-discharge. Also managed to achieve record power absorption charge about 100 000 W/kg, which corresponds to the characteristics of supercapacitors and much higher than the specific capacity of lithium batteries. The main advantage of the rechargeable batteries based on sodium and potassium is the availability of resources. According to experts, in the coming decades is expected shortage of lithium, and currently the price is gradually increasing. Amid the popularity of mobile devices and electric vehicles (electric cars, electric buses, scooters) lack of basic element of energy sources may provoke the crisis of the transport and electronic industries. Sodium and potassium battery may be an effective solution. The electric car manufacturer Tesla is developing the battery in parallel, powered by alternative energy sources (primarily solar panels), which are also designed to replace traditional batteries.

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From 199 000 roubles the price tag starts on 16-inch laptops MacBook Pro, presented on 13 November. In addition to the powerful processor and graphics card, the new product promised improved keyboard, six speakers and sensitive microphones.

On a 237% increase in revenues “Mail of Russia” for the year thanks to the introduction of digital services (to 9.1 billion vs 2.7 billion last year). The growth provided an online service delivery orders for online shopping, electronic registered letters and website pochta.ru with the function of registration of mass sending of parcels.

12 video game will be available to subscribers of the cloud gaming service Google Stadia at the time of launch on November 19. Among them are big-budget blockbusters, in particular Red Dead Redemption 2. Until the end of the year, the library will be replenished with 14 more games, including Metro Exodus from the Studio 4A Games.

37.4% of global tablet market took Huawei in the third quarter, according to IDC. Gradual growth of sales in China amid the decline in the whole world allowed the company for the first time to overtake Apple, whose share was 33.8%. During the reporting period were sold of 5.67 million tablets.

60 satellites for the future Network of the global Internet, Starlink launched company SpaceX. The same was launched in may. The company plans to send into orbit at least 12,000 vehicles, while it has filed applications for 42 000 satellites.

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