“ExoMars‑2020” jeopardy

In early August, the European space Agency (ESA) conducted the third test of the parachute system, which should ensure the safe landing of the automatic station and Rover European-Russian mission “Eczemas‑2020”. Last year the testing of the main 35‑foot parachute was successful, but in may of this year, the test of the entire system resulted in damage to several domes and was considered a failure. Now the system has been developed with a focus on the 35‑foot parachute, but it didn’t help: the painting was damaged, and a full-sized mockup of the lander was destroyed.

The next test of a landing system must be held before the end of the year. Have ESA and Roscosmos had little time to prepare: the launch window for the launch of the Mars mission will be open from late July to mid-August 2020, after which it will have to wait another 26 months. During this period, their Rovers to the Red planet are planning to send the US and China, while France, India and the UAE expect to run more than a simple mission to Mars. Thus, skipping the start screen in 2020 will provide substantial backlog of Europe and Russia in the study of neighboring planets (where they are already not at the forefront), not to mention the image and financial losses.

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Rumors about graphene batteries

Samsung once again predict the release of the smartphone with battery based on graphene. According to insiders, the company will release at least one such a device in 2020 or 2021. It is believed that this carbon substance may significantly increase the operating time of portable devices, speed up their charge and become the basis for a much safer battery than current lithium ion.

First rumors about the Samsung smartphone with a battery of graphene appeared in 2017. Shortly after the fiasco with the batteries of the flagship Galaxy Note 7, which exploded due to engineering errors in the Assembly of batteries, the media reported that the company has developed a “graphene ball”. In November of that year, Samsung received a patent for graphene batteries, capacity of which almost half are higher and they charge five times faster. Since then, rumors have predicted each new flagship graphene battery, but the company is in no hurry to implement them.

The only vendor who has used graphene in smartphones — Honor in the line of Magic. There graphene does not replace lithium ions, and their complements, allowing the battery to charge 50% in 20 to 30 minutes and withstand more charge cycles than the standard battery.

Samsung will surprise with a new smartphone

The South Korean giant is traditionally in early August unveiled the new flagship device of the line Note model 10 and 10+. Smartphones are positioned as uncompromising business decisions. Characteristics of the devices provide all existing Android apps work without delay. Mode DeX allows you to connect your smartphone to an external monitor and use the device as a full PC with limited functionality. The stylus S‑Pen — a distinctive feature of Note all generations — not only allows you to take handwritten notes and control the interface, but also remotely take pictures on your camera phone, switch music tracks, slides in presentations, etc.

The start of sales Note 10 and 10+ in Russia is scheduled for August 23 at a price of 76 and 89 990 990 rubles, respectively. Meanwhile, Apple, the main competitor of Samsung in the segment of premium smartphones, will take place in September: show at least three new iPhone, in the name of one of which will appear the prefix Pro. Maybe this device will get a larger display and support for tablet stylus pen Apple Pencil by analogy with the S‑Pen from Samsung.

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American machinery will rise for the winter

September 1 was supposed to enter into force the new tariffs on the import of goods in the United States, including Chinese electronics: 10% of the cost. However, Donald trump said that the introduction of tariffs for a number of products shifts from 1 September to 15 December. Earlier on imports of certain products from China was installed the rate of 25% of the cost. The rescheduling was caused by the demand of American electronics manufacturers (especially Apple). However, trump refused to take into account the arguments of the vendors: according to him, American consumers can afford a 10 percent price increase on smartphones and Apple computers. In any case, such a move will raise the cost of American electronics (which, for the most part is assembled in China) not only in native market but also in Europe and Russia. This means that next year we can expect another increase in prices for products of Apple, Microsoft, HP, Dell and other American manufacturers.

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China swung to a reusable launch

The last launch of the rocket Long March 2C, a Chinese space Agency (CNSA) first tested the latticed rudders are designed for controlled reduction in the future landing of the first stage. A similar technology is used by the American company SpaceX at landing booster stage of the Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy. Due to the innovation rocket managed to withdraw to a pre-selected area of Guizhou, where it posed no threat to nearby settlements. The safety of people declared priority for CNSA in the implementation of the landing rudders.

An important step in the development of reusable rockets made a private Chinese company LinkSpace. She returned successfully tested a rocket RLV-T5 with a height of 8.1 m: having “jump” at 300 m, she returned to the boarding area and sat down with accuracy in the range of 50, see the company’s plans for the near future — testing a 14‑metre rocket RLV-T6, which supposedly can be run up to 100 times a year. In 2020, the development of LinkSpace can form the basis of missiles NewLine‑1 that can output 200 kg of payload into sun-synchronous orbit to 500 km.

The American competitor LinkSpace is a private company Rocket Lab, meanwhile, announced that it plans to significantly increase the number of launches of its missiles Electron is also due to reuse of the first stage. A corresponding program was launched in late 2018, the first tests should begin early next year. First you’re going to catch boosters out of the water and repaired at the factory, then catch with the help of helicopters.


More than 2 million people in South Korea are already using a commercial 5G networks, according to media reports. Their number is growing rapidly: at the end of June, compared to 1.34 million people, and by the end of the year should increase to 4-5 million, the cheapest package 5G communication from the South Korean operators costs $48.

About 4,000 proteins, not previously described by scientists, was found by the researchers from the United States. These proteins were ignored due to the small size- less than 50 amino acids, which could cause error in genome analysis. A new study shows that at least 30% of these proteins play an important role in intercellular communication.

On 3 separate companies can be divided into Facebook, if the Federal trade Commission, the United States recognizes that the purchase of the world’s largest social network companies, Instagram in 2012 and WhatsApp in 2014 led to monopoly and abuses to the users.

108 megapixels is resolution mobile fotometrica Samsung ISOCELL Bright HMX, was developed in cooperation with Xiaomi. This is a record that, in theory, can create comparable to hi-end cameras shots. Industrial production of the matrix starts in September, and the first smartphone with it could become the Xiaomi Mi 4 Mix.

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