Augmented reality is getting closer

Online found the Samsung headset patent on augmented reality (AR). The device is similar to massive points in a transparent glass which is embedded with two display. They display a digital image superimposed on the real picture. It can be text explanations and navigation, ads, or extraneous content that the user is looking at, literally, the corner of his eye. From the left arch there is a wire, the purpose of which is unclear. Most likely, it is necessary to charge the internal battery, but it is also possible that the headset is to connect to the smartphone for data processing.

Headset of augmented reality today of interest to many companies, including Google, Microsoft, Facebook. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, for many years, first reporting accurate leaks about the characteristics of future gadgets from Apple, will be shown AR headset at the spring presentation of “Apple” company. For her, it would be a logical step, because for the past few years, Apple fulfills this technology in smartphones and tablets.

It is the announcement Apple could push the industry to mass production of AR devices, as it previously was with the market of mp3 players (iPod, 2001), smartphones (iPhone, 2007), tablets (iPad, 2010). The development of this direction will contribute to the latest telecommunication achievements: launch of 5G mobile networks, a standard new generation Wi-Fi 6, the appearance of satellite Internet SpaceX and OneWeb.


USA pulled to Jupiter

NASA is preparing to return humans to the moon in 2024, and plans a manned mission to Mars in the area 2030, but the interests of the American agencies lie outside the major neighbors of the Earth in the Solar system. In late October approved a project to study the “Trojan asteroid” — the two groups of celestial bodies in the vicinity of Jupiter. For this to be built interplanetary Lucy. Lead project scientists from the southwest research Institute (USA), the device will be built by Lockheed Martin, and scientific equipment will provide different research centers.

“Trojan asteroids” are fossils that have arisen in the process of formation of planets in the Solar system. Scientists believe that their study will allow to learn more about its history and to understand the process of arising of the celestial bodies. the Launch of Lucy tentatively scheduled for October 2021, and the asteroid it will spend another 12 years. Thus, the first information about them we receive no earlier than 2033.

China took over the “air launch”

China Academy of aerospace aerodynamics (CAAA) has posted a video demonstration testing of alternative space launch vehicles — “air start”. The so-called scheme, when the device is attached to the aircraft, which raises it to a height of 25-30 km, and then started his own motor vehicle and display it on an orbital trajectory. The video below shows part of the test, where a ship model in a wind tunnel detaches from the plane and continues to move. CAAA reported on a successful test, but details about at what stage is the development and what are its prospects in the Chinese space program, yet.

The project “air start” has already met earlier, but none of them have been brought to practical implementation. In the 1960-1970‑ies in the USSR was developed the system of air launch orbital MiG‑105, entitled “Spiral”, but after seven test flights the program was phased out. Subsequently it launched the American developments in this direction.

But they did not succeed. Recently it was announced about the freezing and the likely sale of Stratolaunch Systems, a company that hoped to display the devices into space with the world’s largest aircraft carrier. His first flight was shown in April 2019, after which the project was completed ahead of schedule, probably due to lack of funding.

“Baikal” with a new flavor

The Russian company “Baikal electronics” unveiled its second processor BE-M1000. The chip consists of eight cores ARM Cortex-A57, clocked at up to 1.5 GHz, and for processing the image data corresponds to a chip Mali-T628. This is not the best features on the market today processors, however, BE-M1000 can successfully perform basic tasks with computers.

It is assumed that the processor will be installed on PCs and laptops running Linux, and in the future is expected to launch portable Android OS devices and tablets “Aurora”. The main target audience — Russian civil servants. Serial production is scheduled to begin during the year and at the end of the 2020 chip can be purchased for $250 separately or $500 on the electronic Board. In the course of the year, the company expects to release a server processor, the development of which is now underway.

©Maxim Zmeyev/TASS

New Japanese camera

Manufacturer of photographic equipment Fujifilm has introduced the flagship mirrorless camera, the X‑Pro3. The resolution of the image sensor is 26.1 MP. One of the main features of the device is the ability to take photos in HDR without the need for postprocessing. In this mode, the chip X‑Processor 4 automatically combines multiple shots into one to enhance the contrast and sharpness of the image. With an optical viewfinder, the photographer can quickly switch to a digital OLED display that works with a frequency of 100 frames per second and therefore shows a very smooth image. Videography is available in the resolution of 4 K with a frame rate of 30 frames per second or Full HD at up to 120 frames per second.

X‑Pro3 continues the tradition of the “vintage” design mirrorless cameras Fujifilm. On the body uses a large amount of analog switches, and the main display is hidden in the hinged lid, which is revealed in the manner of the laptop. For communication with PC and the accessories provided USB type-C 3.1, interfaces Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4. The device has two slots for SD memory cards. The case is made of titanium and magnesium alloy. In selling the device should appear in late November at a price of $1700 (about 108 thousand).



In 2020 it is planned to launch the first Russian rocket Laros return RN‑1. This is a suborbital launcher of light class from a private company Laros, the first version of which is designed to lift to a height of 120-130 km, and practicing landing on the analogy with native speakers of SpaceX.

100 days of Russian-German astronomical complex “Spektr-RG” reached destination around the Lagrange point L2 and 21 October was in permanent orbit. German eROSITA telescope sent the first working images.

30 thousand cell Internet satellites SpaceX in addition to the previously announced 12 thousands can be lifted into Earth orbit. The company filed 20 applications for withdrawal 1500 vehicles. 22 Oct its head Elon Musk sent into the Network the first message using the already derived 60 satellites.

75% of Russian companies plan to increase spending on their own IT-infrastructure in 2020, according to a survey by KPMG. This year, this budget increased from 87% of respondents.

Approximately 1.5 trillion solar masses is the mass of the milky way, according to new scientists. All the stars of our galaxy make up only 4% of the weight of the remaining 96% of the interstellar gas and dark matter.

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