The genome will be fixed

At the end of October in Moscow hosted a press-conference at which the Russian scientific community and journalists (including American correspondent of the journal Science John Cohen) discussed new developments in the field of genetic medicine. The main object of discussion was Denis Rebrikov, Vice-rector of science and head of the laboratory of genome editing Research center of obstetrics, gynecology and Perinatology V. I. Kulakov.

Previously genetics announced the completion of CRISPR/Cas9, which will remove a genetic disease (deafness, dwarfism, etc.) at the embryo stage, and plans to apply the technology on humans soon. Rebrikov insists that technology should be used only for the treatment of diseases, not to “improve” the person, and only in cases where there is no alternative. Volunteers — a married couple with congenital deafness of both spouses — a scientist is found. Medical mechanism is to cut strands of DNA using a protein called Cas9, removing “wrong genes” and substituting “right” with the molecules of guide RNA. Previously, such editing had to cut both DNA strands, whereas CRISPR/Cas9 allows to be limited to one. This should make the editing process more secure and accurate. In 2018, the Chinese scientist Ho Cisangkuy edited the human genome for the first time hoisted the embryos to the woman.

On light there were twins Lulu and Nana, who were supposed to be protected from HIV at the genetic level, but this mutation affects other genes. The fate of the children of today are unknown: according to the media, they hide the Chinese authorities.

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Electronics will become smaller

The Taiwanese company TSMC, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of microelectronics, announced about readiness to launch the test production of chips according to the technical process of 5 nm. To date, the most efficient chips (for example, the latest generation of AMD Ryzen, Qualcomm Snapdragon) are made on 7‑nanometer process technology. Mass production for future customers should start in early 2020. According to rumors, the new Apple iPhone that should be available in the autumn of next year, will work on 5‑nanometer processor.

TSMC is already planning to develop the next generation of technical process — 3 nm. To do this, Taiwan will construct a new factory. In December last year, the company received a building permit, in 2019, bought the necessary land and plans to start construction before the New year, ahead of schedule. The project plans to invest at least another $20 billion in a factory should Earn in 2022 or 2023.

A serious obstacle for TSMC almost became patent litigation. In September, the U.S. competitor, GlobalFoundries sued the company a claim for violation of several patents, which ultimately could affect the supply of chips in such major market players like Apple, Broadcom, MediaTek, NVIDIA, Qualcomm. In October, TSMC has sent a counter-suit, and at the end of the month, the company reported a peaceful settlement of the conflict.

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Other people’s votes

Company Russian Director and producer Timur Bekmambetov and the project “Robot Faith” published a video of the new development — Vera Voice. In this text, written, read voices of Ksenia Sobchak, Vladimir Posner and Russian President Vladimir Putin. The synthesized voice of an artificial intelligence, but sound natural enough to unknowingly be confused with the real. The least convincing female voice: in several episodes you can clearly hear its artificial origin, but developments in the field of AI imply further development of the technology. For learning AI neural network analyze audio recordings of real voices and gradually adapted to the natural sound.

The Central theme of the movie was a responsibility that must be met by developers in this area, as such program may harm the reputation, business and cause political crises. Therefore, the authors of the project have also developed a program that allows you to distinguish artificially synthesized speech from the original. The company expects to sign contracts with famous people about using their votes. Applications — entertainment, voice assistants, advertising. Already signed contract with one of the founders of the Studio dubbing the “Cube in cube” Ruslan by Gabidullina. The launch of the pilot project is expected in November.

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The quantum world is coming

American IT giant Google has published data on the joint NASA develop quantum processor Sycamore, which is superior to classical computers and supercomputers by several orders of magnitude. In the example Google computer this CPU for 200 seconds solved the problem that the performance of a supercomputer — would have left 10,000 years. Engineers at IBM, the creators of the computer Watson, believe that their machine could solve the same example for two and a half days if I used classical algorithms, not a quantum one.

Just with the standard algorithms for quantum computers cannot work: the use of qubits (quantum bits) causes a large number of uncontrolled errors that lead to incorrect results of calculations. Google said in Sycamore processor 54 uses the qubit (a very large number for a quantum computer) in groups of up to 5 units. In the case of possible errors in the communication between the qubits is dropped.

The main potential usage of quantum computers is the simulation of physical, chemical, astronomical and other processes which classical computers have done it for too long (in theory it really could be thousands of years). However, the quantum technology is still far from practical implementation: the engineers and developers to solve many problems before these computers can thread to give correct results.

New Apple earphones

Apple introduced a true wireless Airpods headphones Pro. The main feature of new items — active noise cancellation: built-in microphones capture ambient noise, which jammed the “reverse” sound waves and, thus, do not reach ear. The mode “transparency”, in contrast, delivers the ambient sounds in speaker in parallel with the music or the conversation that users hear, for example, the approaching car on the street. The developer promises up to 5 hours of charging for internal battery of headphones and up to 24 hours — with charge case-case. The official price of the Apple Airpods Pro in Russia will be 20 990 rubles, sales will begin in November.



Of 20.58% stake in the company Mail.Ru Group to buy the savings Bank of the Gazprombank-controlled companies before the end of 2019. The sum of transaction, according to the American Agency Bloomberg, could reach $170 million In July it was reported about the plans of the IT company and the savings Bank to create a joint venture in the field of food and transportation.

To 60 earth days needs to work out a new NASA Long-Lived In-situ Solar System Explorer on the surface of Venus, the second planet from the Sun. It is expected that Roskosmos will provide for project space station and lander. The mission launch is planned no earlier than 2026.

Until 30 April 2020 extended the period of time during which Pavel Durov may not return to investors the money invested in blockchain-platform Telegram Open Network. The launch of the platform was also delayed because of opposition from financial (including governmental) organizations in the United States.

To 42% the share of Huawei in the Chinese smartphone market after the introduction of us sanctions. In the third quarter shipments of mobile phones grew by two-thirds. The combined share of the main competitors, Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi and Apple is about 50%. Only in China, in the quarter sold 97.8 per million vehicles.

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