Astronauts can “fix” in zero gravity

German scientists have learned how to print human bones and skin in conditions of low gravity. New development presented at the Technological University of Dresden in cooperation with the European space Agency (ESA). During testing doctors turned a 3D printer upside down, and even when “negative” gravity printing using liquid blood plasma was successful.

It is believed that technology will enable astronauts insurance in case of serious burns and fractures during long space flights (e.g. to Mars), when natural healing is much longer and harder. Printable hands the use of blood plasma, plus a special biochemie, bone — stem cells with calcium phosphate and similar biochemically. Because the biomaterial is taken from the victim (probably before the flight), transplanted organs are guaranteed to survive.

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China looks to Mars

The Chinese media with reference to the head of the Chinese lunar program, Ouyang ziyuan of (Ouyang Ziyuan) announced the completion of the first national Assembly of the Rover. In 2020 it will be launched to the Red planet after 7 months needs to get to work.

The mission involves the solution of a traditional scientific and practical problems: the search for traces of life and the study of features of formation of the red planet. To do this, the Rover will carry out an analysis of its Geology, atmosphere and magnetic field. Also the number of tasks include a study of the prospects of colonization of Mars.

For China, this will be the second attempt to reach the red planet. The first took place in 2011 and failed. Probe “inkho‑1” was supposed to be an artificial satellite of Mars and to study it for at least two years. But the launch together with the Russian probe “Phobos-Grunt” is a Ukrainian missile “Zenit” was unsuccessful, both spacecraft burned up in Earth’s atmosphere.

In addition to China send a Mars Rover in 2020 to Mars plan, NASA (“Mars‑2020” should become the fifth American Rover) and ESA, with the assistance of the “Roskosmos” (“Rosalind Franklin”, formerly known as “ExoMars”). The Russian Agency will be responsible for the European launch of the Rover from Earth and its landing on the planet’s surface, it developed the lander and the landing platform.

All — soft landing

While large companies are developing autopilots for vehicles, scientists from the Technical University of Munich have created and successfully tested a system for Autonomous landing. Previously it was used by the radio signals from the towers and from the controllers at the airports for automatic landing. New development using GPS and cameras determines the runway and puts her on the plane — no information from the airport is not required.

The system is primarily intended for aircraft that use smaller airports without the advanced alerts. In the future, when it will be finalized and will receive all the necessary security certificates (developers still have a long way), the pilots will be an important technology tool. In the future, the technology could form the basis of a fully unmanned air operations — air taxi.

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Apple updates laptops

Apple held a traditional summer update MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. The devices have received the Intel 8th generation, updated displays that support True Tone, which adjusts the tone and brightness of the picture depending on the illumination features. Now all the laptops line Pro devoid of function keys includes a multi touch display TouchBar. Also from the official shop of the disappeared 12‑inch MacBook is the most compact laptop, the company presented in 2015. Prices on current models in the USA: MacBook Air — from $1099, the Pro from $1299. In Russia — 93 and 109 990 rubles 990 rubles, respectively.

Updates like a summer Apple, though held no bombastic presentations, accompanied by an important market for US infopovod: the opening of the season back-to-school (“back-to‑school”). For American students, the company offers a discount of $100 on laptops and accessories as a gift — this year it headphones Beats. Thus creating customer loyalty to the brand, literally from school.

Shutterstock / FotodomShutterstock / FotodomЦифровая replacement persons will shake the cinema

The Network is gaining popularity channel Ctrl Shift Face, which publishes scenes from famous movies or television shows with star actors. Only with “small” modifications: technology Deepfake replaces some other person — no editing, on the basis of machine learning. For example, the authors “replaced the” Arnold Schwarzenegger Sylvester Stallone in “terminator 2”, the brad pitt — Edward Norton in “Fight club” (which looks extremely appropriate in the context of the story). And Jim Carrey appeared in “the Shining” is Jack Nicholson. Technology perfected: with each new roller track spoofing harder.

Evident are the prospects for a movie— and the entire entertainment industry. Spectacular stunts which are performed by stuntmen, does not require complicated and tricky installation: the program will substitute the name of the main character, at least in the background, at least for large. Famous actors will be able to receive payments just because their face is used in the movie or video game where they didn’t even filmed: the statistician, and Deepfake will do the trick. Will not manage and without scandals. In a noise case, when in 2017 the face of the American actress Gal gadot “set up” in porn. And at the end of June was closed application development DeepNude that using the same technology “strips” the people in the photo: the creators had to recognize that the world is not ready for such. Obviously, the need for protection from such fakes in the near future will grow rapidly, while this is a relatively new and not mastered direction in the field of IT security.


$52 million will be worth the flight and accommodation on the ISS for 1-2 months, the Bigelow Space Operations. The company purchased four seats on the future of manned vehicles SpaceX. Consent NASA for the accommodation of tourists to the ISS were received in the past year, when customers have made the first payment.

In March 2020, will begin selling a fully electric version of the legendary Mini Cooper. Maximum speed is 150 km/h From a single battery charge the car can travel up to 230 km, which positions it as a city car. The price on the British market — from $30 425 to $37 891, is already available for pre-order.

$290 million invested by one of China’s largest corporations Xiaomi in building Science and Technology Park — its new headquarters with an area of 210 000 sq. m. 9 July, the official opening of the campus in Beijing, and in September the company plans to transfer its commercial and research departments.

22.2% reduction in the market of digital cameras in 2018, according to Japanese company Nikkei. While 85.2 percent of the total market is five manufacturers: Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fujifilm and Olympus. The number of sold models is a leader Canon is 40.5%, the company showed a 3.9% growth compared to 2017.

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