New Apple harvest

Apple is on 10 September in the Theatre of Steve jobs in Cupertino unveiled the new iPad in a classic design, the Apple Watch and 5 three new iPhone models: 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max. All devices got the standard almost uninteresting and improvements: a more powerful chip (in smartphones — the latest A13 Bionic), higher quality displays and sound, increased autonomy. IPad slightly increased screen diagonal — from 9.7 to 10.2 inches, it also got the connector for the proprietary keyboard. In the Apple Watch has added feature of a compass and emergency services worldwide, as well as the mode always-on display.

The greatest attention was paid to performance and cameras of smartphones. The PV modules have obtained additional sensors, and, according to the manufacturer, the Pro model will be able to take pictures, the relevant professional standards. The phones support the new standard Wi-Fi 6, but the 5G networks will work only the next generation iPhone that Apple will unveil next year. Price and release date Apple Watch 5 in Russia is unknown, in the States they will be on the shelves September 20 for $399. The smartphone will start selling in Russian stores on 20 September at a price of 59 990 rubles for iPhone 11, from 89 990 rubles for 11 Pro from 99 990 rubles for 11 Pro Max. IPad sales will begin on September 30 at a price of 27 990 rubles.

The company also revealed the details of online services on subscription to movies and TV shows Apple TV+ and Apple games Arcade. They will be available in Russia for 199 rubles per month. Arcade will be launched on 19 September, TV+ 1 Nov.

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About “Vikram” and “eagle”

Indian mission “Chandrayaan‑2” partially failed: the attempt to soft land on the lunar surface, the module “Vikram” with the Rover failed. At the height of several hundred meters, the connection was lost and, according to telemetry, the module worked wrong engines — he probably rolled over and crashed. Indian space research organization continues to communicate with “Vikram” and to understand the circumstances of the accident. The program “Chandrayaan‑2” continues: – the basic scientific equipment is on the satellite, which orbits in lunar orbit.

“Roscosmos” in the meantime, settling on the Land in the Moscow Center. M. V. Khrunichev began the construction of the National space centre. There are head units of the Russian space enterprises and KB. It is anticipated that the center will start operating in 2023.

Also the head of the Roscosmos, Dmitry Rogozin, said that developed spaceship “Federation” is now called “eagle” in honor of the first military sailing ship on which was hoisted the Russian tricolor.

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Prepare your connectors

International Association of USB-IF involved in the standardization and development of the standard, presented the final specification version of the USB4. It is based on Intel-developed data transfer standard Thunderbolt 3. This will provide a connection speed of up to 40 Gbit/sec. (vs 8 GB/sec. USB 3.0 and 20 Gbps. USB 3.2) and will allow you to connect USB devices with high power consumption such as external monitors.

Specification USB4 does not support classic USB connector Type-A — only USB Type-C. It is already installed in most modern smartphones, tablets (including Apple iPad Pro), ultrabooks. Older devices can also be connected to USB4, but in some cases this will require an adapter.

USB4 appearance in commercial devices is expected this year.

NASA has big plans for the Universe

The us space Agency NASA continues to prepare for future missions in deep space. Completed tests of the first ever Martian Mars Helicopter Scout helicopter is a small, weighing only 1.8 kg, the aircraft, which during the next mission to the Red planet will have to rise above the surface. Scientific equipment it is not installed — only high-resolution camera for shooting and the data transmitter. Last week the helicopter was collected and loaded onto the Mars‑2020, aboard which he will fly over Mars. The launch mission is planned for July 2020.

NASA also announced the completion of testing and Assembly an infrared space telescope named James Webb. This is the most complex space scientific apparatus in the history of mankind, he will be the main tool for exploring the Universe, changing the telescope “Hubble”. He finished the main mission in 2009 and now oversees the Universe, revolving in the Earth’s orbit and producing the remnants of the resource. “Webb”, in contrast, will be in the Lagrange point L2 of the Earth — the Sun (close to the Russian “Spectrum-RG”). On the one hand will allow to obtain more accurate fundamental data on space, on the other hand will eliminate the possibility of manual fixing and prevention devices, which were practiced with “Hubble”. An ambitious project worth $10 billion is planned for launch in 2021.


200 000 EUR paid to the Executive Director of the British energy company scammers, so as I was sure that this order of the chief. The attackers used the software, imitating the voice and accent of the top Manager. Repetition of error was avoided, as the Director called back to the boss for confirmation.

$10 million will be invested in Facebook Deepfake Detection Challenge — the initiative to create the technology that will be able to identify substituted with AI faces in commercials and movies. The project will involve Microsoft, MIT, Oxford and several American universities.

1 million km traveled vehicles with unmanned control system of “Yandex”. Representatives of the company clarified that the machines are ridden mostly on roads and in real traffic. The system is tested from the beginning of 2018, the deadline for the commercial market is still unknown.

$34 million YouTube fined by the General Prosecutor’s office in new York for tracking the activity of children under 13 years in service. At the end of proceedings, Google illegally watched what videos children watch, with the purpose of displaying targeted advertising. The company has already announced a revision of an information collection system.

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