Nobody doubted.

Users of smartphones Huawei, Samsung, Google and a number of Chinese manufacturers would like to change their phones for the iPhone. This is evidenced by the study by the research firm Merrill Lynch, which is based on a survey of 523 32 smartphone owners.

As stressed by the experts, on average, from 15% to 25% of owners of Android smartphones announced its desire to switch to iPhone. Among the owners of smartphones Samsung and Huawei such counted 19% and 15%. A similar pattern can be traced from owners of devices Oppo, Xiaomi, Vivo, Lenovo and Motorola.

In turn, the Apple fans to migrate from iPhone to Android smartphones do not want. Only 5% of owners of “Apple” smartphones ready to change your iPhone device from Huawei, and 4% for Samsung. Other manufacturers of smartphones based on Android has remained virtually “out of business”, received 1% of the potential buyers of the mill Apple.

70% of iPhone owners said about their commitment to Apple. Among the owners of Android-based smartphones such loyal fans much less. Only 54% and 53% of smartphone owners Huawei and Samsung have expressed a desire to buy another camera their manufacturers. Wanting to give their money for the new smartphone from Google, Vivo, and Oppo were 42%, 41% and 40%, respectively.

Source: ML


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