The results of the latest survey.

Almost 50% of iPhone users in the near future I plan to buy a new model, the researchers write Loup Ventures. The flagship 2018 will be purchased, not all popular models have iPhone X, iPhone 8 and others.

According to the study, a desire to move to a different model iPhone expressed 48% of respondents are users. It is almost 2 times more than in June 2017. Moreover, this year we should expect a larger number of defectors from Android. Upgrade on iPhone has planned 19% of owners of smartphones based on the mobile operating system Google. Last year the figure was 12%.

42% of respondents admitted that they are preparing to buy an iPhone 9, iPhone 11 and 11 Plus iPhone. 18% want to buy iPhone X, 16% of iPhone 8, and another 24% a different model.

Potential buyers are more interested in augmented reality. This was stated by 32% of respondents. A year ago, similar responses were received from 21% of users.

The results of the study Loup Ventures are for informational purposes. They show that people are more interested in the new iPhone in 2018. However, there is no guarantee that users who talk about wanting to buy a smartphone, make it really.

Source: Loup Ventures


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