Svyaznoy and Euroset, Alfa-Bank opened statistics on sales of smartphones with support for contactless payment in Russia. The company noted a sharp increase in the popularity of such smartphones. Every third sold in Russia, the smartphone supports NFC.

For 2018 the year of the smartphones it sold 11 million worth 304 billion, an increase of 41% and 36% than a year earlier. The total sales of smartphones with NFC of all sold in Russia smartphones in monetary terms amounted to 65%.

The average cost of a smartphone with NFC in the past year amounted to 27 700 rubles, and the cost of the most affordable smartphones with this feature — 3500 rubles. Among the brands, the leaders were Apple, Samsung, Honor/Huawei.

Vice President of sales in the Connected-Euroset David Borzilov said: “the Smartphone with NFC function become Russians have the usual payment instrument. It affects how the emergence of payment systems like Google Pay and Samsung Pay, and the widespread development of the banking ecosystem in Russia. Today to pay for purchases with your smartphone you can have almost anywhere — in any shop, the coffee shop, in the subway, in the Museum and in many other places.”

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